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Algarve Senior Living

Algarve Senior Living offers a range of accommodation and services options for seniors who spend extended periods abroad or who seek to move permanently to sunny southern Europe.  As a result of client demand, Algarve Senior Living has become a broad-based services provider of rental-based accommodating, property for sale, relocation services, and access to a broad network of specialist service providers including legal, insurance, health, car and pet importation and much more.

If you enjoy an independent lifestyle, but also want a helping hand in terms of accelerating an integration into a new society and community, then Algarve Senior Living is just the solution. We give you choices while retaining a high degree of personalisation which has become a trademark of our business.

Our broad range of accommodation options are located across some of the most beautiful locations on the continent. Although we now have coverage of many areas of the country, including the greater Lisbon/Cascais/Estoril area, most of the demand continues to be for the ever-popular Algarve. The southern-most part of the country has several times been voted best European beach and golf destination, as well as the best place in the world to retire. We now represent one of the largest portfolios of winter-rent, long-stay and all-year accommodation in the region.

The choice between renting or buying a property, to “try before you decide” whether you like the lifestyle, location, community and its people, and even the food and cost of living, is a cornerstone of our business model. It is one of the reasons why our clients see us as an independent, impartial partner in helping to make the right decisions about spending time in the sun.

Our options allow you to experience the environment, lifestyle and location before you make a permanent move. Even if you cannot or do not yet wish to move abroad permanently, you can spend one or more months every year at your home away from home. Stay in one of our varied locations, all of which have been specially selected to cater for the senior market: perhaps close to a town centre where a car is not required, or with on-site services which reduce the burden of having to cook or clean for yourself, or with single floor or elevator access to make it just a little easier on those joints! Or a combination of all of these. For those who are thinking of buying their place in the sun, our model allows you to experience what life will be like, before taking the plunge.

Algarve Senior Living’s solution offers several key advantages!

  1. Flexibility: winter stays or permanent residence, rental or purchase
  2. Choice: 1, 2 or 3 bedrooms depending on your and your family needs. Sea, river, countryside or city views. Traditional or modern
  3. Cost-effective: no property purchase required, although we have a huge variety of options if you decide to take the plunge!
  4. Tax efficient: Zero or low tax on pensions for new residents. No inheritance tax. No wealth taxes if you rent
  5. Time-saving: we use our contacts and network to find you the right solution, saving you hours of internet search time
  6. “Discovery tours”: our most popular way of getting to know your options in 1-2 days. Give us your criteria and let us tour you through the best-fit locations and accommodation options in each

Our wide range of accommodation options includes single floor properties, city-centre apartments with elevator access and great views, serviced sea or marina view apartments, and more traditional cottages. In some cases, there are a range of facilities, including sporting options such as indoor pools (ideal for winter), gyms, and tennis courts, restaurants with relaxed bar areas, and social areas.


Lifestyle. Friendships. Health. Money. Tax. Easy access to family. This is what most people who move or retire abroad consider important. At Algarve Senior Living, we address all these aspects.

But don’t just take our word for it: come and experience the lifestyle and the advantages for yourself: join us on a personalised Discovery Tour or take advantage of our special LaterLife offer.

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