What shall I do today?

Try the Laterlife One-armed bandit to give you some great ideas!

  • A winning set of ideas every time.
  • Some will exercise your brain, some will exercise your body and others will exercise your social skills
  • Over 500 ideas and growing all the time
  • Whenever you need some inspiration come back and play!

For a traditional one-armed bandit experience don’t forget to turn your sound on!

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What shall I do today?

The Laterlife one-armed bandit is intended to make a bit of fun out of what is an important issue for many of us who are retired – deciding how to spend and make the most of our time. A recent survey on Laterlife indicated that this was in fact the single biggest issue in retirement. The aim with the one-armed bandit is to generate a wide variety of ideas about things to do today, or places to visit, in a random fashion in the hope that this might tempt you out of your comfort zone to try something a little different.

Some of the ideas of things to do can be done in a day; others can be started today but could lead on to a lifelong hobby or interest. There are currently over 500 ideas from many sources and these are being added to all the time. They include things to do at home, new activities to do, places to visit, and interesting things to do for free. They are organised into 16 different categories to ensure a good mix of ideas on every pull of the handle. And you should find that these exercise your brain, your body and your social skills.

As well as the basic 'things to do today' ideas you can access more detail on each idea by clicking on the icon in the bandit window or on the ‘more’ link. Sometimes there's an authoritative or useful web link too. Even if an idea isn't exactly what you want it should spark some thoughts.

Share your own ideas

To make the bandit even more useful why not add your own ideas (using the ‘SUBMIT AN IDEA’ button) for everyone to share, especially things that you’ve done and really enjoyed. Also please use this button to suggest any extra detail that you can supply to the existing 'things to do today' ideas. We’d also love to hear about your experiences in following up any of the ideas just click on the SUBMIT AN IDEA button.

If you want to be sure of using the latest version of the one-armed bandit just click on CTRL and F5 on your keyboard to do a complete refresh of all the bandit code. The bandit is occasionally temperamental. If it misbehaves it’s always worth hitting the ‘refresh’ button. But if that doesn’t solve the problem then please let us know at email address bandit@laterlife.com .

We hope you have as much fun using the one-armed bandit as we did in putting it together.

Whenever you feel in need of a bit of inspiration come back and play!

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