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Beginners Guides - Crafts


Beginners Guides to Craft Activities

This is a new section created by Jackie Sherman which will grow month by month to cover a variety of crafts

After years in the doldrums, handicrafts are now enjoying something of a resurgence. Not only do many of us have less money to spend on new clothes, household items or small gifts but we also have more leisure time – whether enforced or chosen – in which to develop our skills. There is also something deeply satisfying about 'making your own' and the love and care invested in the items you create will be very much appreciated by those around you.

With the development of the internet offering access to websites such as eBay or international craft suppliers, we can now buy cheaper and more diverse raw materials such as beads, ribbons, silks, paints and papers from across the world, and so it really is a good time to give crafts a go. Not only are many of the skills quite easy to learn, but looking handmade is part of the charm, so don't be put off if you have never thought of yourself as "good" at art.


Index of Craft Beginners Guides

Beginners Guide to Making Earrings

Beginner's Guide to Card Making using Quilling

Beginner's Guide to Glass painting

Beginner's Guide to Card Making using Iris Folding

 Two years ago I set up a small local craft club and over that time I have discovered a number of crafts that are inexpensive, satisfying and fun. On these pages you will find a number of beginners' guides which will introduce you to the techniques and which I hope will encourage you to try something new.

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