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Card Making - Quilling


Beginners Guide to Card Making using Quilling continued

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Basic technique

To make a basic coil, slip one end of a quilling strip into the slot of your quilling tool so that the end just pokes right through. Turn the handle slowly, keeping hold of the rest of the strip in your other hand and guiding it so that the paper stays neatly on the prongs.

Hands 1

As you turn the tool, the paper will be twisted round the prongs into the beginnings of a coil. Keep twisting until all the paper has formed into a coil.

Hands 2

There are two basic types of coil you can make: closed (tight) or open (loose). For a closed coil, keep the paper on the tool while you dab glue on the end and hold it in place. After a few seconds, you can gently remove the finished coil from the prongs and place it on your work table.

Tight coil

For a loose coil, take the paper off the prongs before sticking, and place it on the table. It will open out into a loose coil and you can then stick down the end to retain its shape.

Loose coil

Loose coils can even be left unglued if you want open-ended filigree shapes for your card making. One technique is to coil from both ends and you can even pinch the paper strip between the coils so that it changes direction.


Making shapes

After quilling, you will have a number of tight or loose coils of paper. So that you can create designs, you need to shape these by pinching them in different ways. You can then produce shapes that look more like teardrops, petals, eyes, crescents, squares or hearts. For example, hold a coil in one hand and gently pinch one side of the coil with your thumb and index finger to form a teardrop shape.


You could now squeeze the other end to turn this into an eye or diamond shape.


Or you could push the opposite end in with a pencil or other object to create a heart shape.


Flatten a coil on opposite sides to create squares or triangles.



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