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Card Making - Quilling


Beginners Guide to Card Making using Quilling continued

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Creating a picture

When creating a complex design or an object made up of a number of shapes that are meant to be the same, it will look more professional if you make the original coils the same size. As a beginner, it is quite hard to do this but – like knitting – the 'tension' or tightness of the coils determines their finished size and eventually you will find that you can keep this consistent. (If you enjoy the craft, you can buy a quilling board for about £10 - £12 which is made up of a series of differently sized holes into which you place your coils before sticking. This enables you to produce a large number of coils of exactly the same size.)

Once you have produced the right number of coil shapes in the appropriate colours, you can assemble them into a finished picture. Either stick them directly to the front of a folded card blank or use a separate piece of card that you can then trim and attach when your picture is complete.

Picture on card

Picture on card

Take care not to get glue onto the card itself – just put a tiny dab onto the most solid part of each shape and hold it down onto the piece of card for a few seconds until it is set.

For stems of flowers, cut to length and then turn a quilling strip onto its side and glue this carefully onto the card, curving it into shape where necessary.


Once your picture is complete, finish off the card plainly or add borders, greetings or other embellishments.

Finished card

Further help

There are lots of books and magazines devoted to quilling as well as a range of related paper crafts, and you can use a search engine like Google to locate websites offering ideas for quilled designs. One expert to look out for is Diane Boden Crane who has written two books: "Quilled Greetings Cards" and the more advanced but mouth-watering "Miniature Quilling" .


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