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Making Earrings


Beginners Guide to Making Earrings - Part 2

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There is no room to describe the range of beads available for making jewellery, and it is all a matter of taste as well as budget. For example, you may like to use a number of very small beads to make up your design or concentrate on one or two special 'feature' beads, and may prefer natural gems or stones or be happy with plastic, wood, polymer or metal examples.

If you go online to a site like eBay, or search one of the many online bead shops, you can browse through huge ranges of beads of all sizes and colours.

If you are starting out, an alternative to buying beads individually is to buy a Bead Set that will contain enough to make several pairs of earrings and will be a good place to start.


The wire, clasps and other small metal pieces used in jewellery-making are generally referred to as findings. Usually you will decide on a colour – gold, silver or copper, for example, and can then select from wires that are plated or made from sterling silver, gold, copper or other materials. If you have sensitive skin, you may like to buy those listed as hypo allergenic.

For a straightforward pair of drop earrings made for pierced ears, you will need:
a) A pair of fishhook ear wires

Ear wires (fishhook)

b) One or more wires on which to thread the beads. The wires will be twisted at one end into a loop so they can be joined to other wires. A single wire that ends in a flat stop (to prevent small beads falling off) and looks just like a tiny nail is known as a head pin, whereas wires that have one loop already created at one end are known as eye pins.

Head and eye pins

For short earrings, you will only need single head pins. For longer earrings, you use a head pin for the base and then join on one or more eye pins before attaching the ear wire.


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