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Making Earrings


Beginners Guide to Making Earrings - Part 3

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Making the earrings

It is best to keep your beads in a bowl or on a towel so they don't roll around. Select the mixture you want and then thread them onto a head pin. You may need to use a tiny bead to start with if the hole in your first bead is too large and the bead slips off the wire.

You must leave 1cm of bare wire to form into the loop so, if you have too many beads, either leave some out or divide the beads between the head pin and one or more eye pins.

If the bare wire left over is too long on any pin, use your cutters to trim it so that it is only 1cm long.

Bare wire

Making the loop

Holding the head pin upright, use your flat nosed pliers to grasp the bare wire just above the top bead and bend it over 90°.

Ninety degrees

Now using the round nosed pliers and still holding the pin upright, gasp the very end of the wire and start gently twisting away from you using your wrist. Keep twisting until the wire has formed into a loop.


It will be clear where the gap in the loop is and, if you can, gently squeeze the wires until the gap has closed and the loop is positioned centrally above the beads. Repeat the loop-making if using eye pins for your earrings.

Joining wires

To join two pins or the final pin and earring wire together by their loops, you will need to open out the loop on one of the wires vertically. This is so that you do not deform the shape of the loop by pulling it sideways but still create a gap through which to thread the second loop. Do this by holding the beads on the pin in one hand and the loop with flat nosed pliers in the other and then twisting the wire away from you just above the gap.

Opened loop

Slip over the loop on the ear wire and then reverse the twist to bring the opened loop back to its original position.

Finished earring

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