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Criteria for residential Care       


BirthdayIf you don’t require any financial assistance to pay the fees of a Residential Care Home or Nursing Home then you are free to contact the Home of your choice and make your own arrangements.

If, however, you do need financial assistance from the Local Authority, or might require funding in future years, you will have to meet certain criteria. People who meet this criteria will get financial help when necessary. For more information about paying for care homes, the Age UK website is very helpful.


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Criteria for Residential Care

Residential care homes are for older people who cannot remain in their own homes safely.

Staff provide help or support with tasks such as dressing, bathing and cooking.

If you are assessed as needing residential care you can choose a council or independent home. 


Additional Criteria for Nursing Home Care

The criteria for admission into a Nursing home are complex, but in general you will qualify if you meet the criteria of one of the following:

  • You are needing nursing care which cannot be provided in an ordinary residential care home
  • You are in need of specific care which can only be managed by a person with professional nursing training. 

These are guidelines only, each local authority`s criteria may differ slightly.
Contact your local County Council Social Services Department for further information.

Find your local council

Explaining  NHS Continuing Healthcare and NHS funded nursing care

Now read the rest of this Guide and the Guide to Caring for Elderly Parents in order to help you with some important issues regarding growing old.


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