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Anniversary Ode

The poem below was recited  at a 25th Wedding Anniversary celebration by the wife of the couple. It was done at the height of the evening, when everyone was in the mood for fun and went down a storm. It is a little risque so you need to know your audience, but you are welcome to adapt it as you wish.


As she lay on her side, that innocent bride,
She began to drool.
For that young rapscallion was hung like a stallion,
Or was it Muffin the Mule?

As they lay in that place, he took her sweet face.
"Now we are lovers,
The manager said that this very bed
Was last used by Joe Brown and his Bruvvers."

And so through the years, with laughter and tears,
Some bad but mostly good luck.
That innocent bride, she stayed by his side
Because he was such a good kisser.

Though this poem’s so witty and I am so pretty,
I really can’t say anymore.
Because I’ve been told by my sister so mature
That I’m becoming a bore.

And so, our good friends, my story ends,
Without you we couldn’t have lasted.
From Robbie and I, here’s mud in your eye,
And let’s get thoroughly plasted!


Let me tell you a tale of a fine young male,
Let’s call him Robbie Flack.
He was tall, he was strong and his hair was long,
But in those days his beard was black.

He met a young girl, in a bit of a whirl,
And wooed her with fervent ardour. With heartache he missed her, with passion he kissed her,
All the time it was getting harder

To leave her, not see her, and go home without her
Was making him so glum.
This man of precision, now made a decision
"My wife she must become."

So came the day when the young man did say,
"My love, I can’t live without you."
The virgin replied, "I’ll be your bride
As I have no reason to doubt you."

The bride she wore white, a wonderful sight,
Twas truly a day to enjoy.
He was handsome and gay, but not in that way,
A fine upstanding young boy.

Their troth they did plight and day passed to night
And now is the time for discretion.
But as you all know for me that’s no go
Twas a night of unbridled pession!




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