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Joint Birthday Invitation

Feel free to adapt the birthday invitation below. We would also love to receive copies of the ideas you have used to make an invitation a bit more fun or a bit different..

Joint Birthday Party for two ladies one from Devon and one from Wales

Royal County of Berkshire
Town and Country Wildlife Act 1949
Preservation Order

The preservation application set out in the following schedule can be seen in the Party Planning Services department, 11 Green Tree Drive after 9.00 p.m. on the evening of 11th May 1999.



2 Species of rare birds nesting in Green Tree Drive
                            - Devonshire Dove
                            - Welsh Warbler



1. Celebration of outstanding preservation state of above pair
2. Supporting participation from local residents and other interested parties
3. Liberal application of alcohol to aid preservation

Comments (RSVP) should be sent to the Director of Party Planning Services at the address below on or before 1st May.
Your comments will be available for public inspection.

Please quote the following Preservation Reference:


This notice has been posted in accordance with the Over the Hill Club Wildlife act 1949 and related legislation.


11 Green Tree Drive
Tel 0111 111 1111



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