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Let's Party!

November 2012  

Let's party in later life article series...

This series looks at some of the more unusual ideas to help you celebrate with style and panache – at affordable price levels, of course!

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by LaterLife features editor Sally Smith

Let's Party - Renting Jewellery

Add some real sparkle to the party!

Renting Jewellery

This month we are looking at jewellery - not just any old jewellery but real jewellery with sparkling diamonds and dramatic sapphires; the sort of jewellery you see on film stars at opening nights.

Every so often in our lives we have a truly special occasion to go to. It could be an awards ceremony, a friend’s special anniversary event, or just a wonderful evening out with friends.

Hiring dresses and suits for special occasions is very normal now and in most towns there are shops that offer for hire a lovely range of outfits for every possible occasion. There are increasingly excellent hire shops available on line as well.

But for women, have you ever thought about renting jewellery? Costume and imitation jewellery is of wonderful quality today, but even so, there really is nothing like the real thing. Wear a glorious white diamond, or shimmer in sparkling sapphire earrings, and you will be surprised how many people will come up and ask if your jewellery is real. Genuine gemstones have a look and feel about them that nothing can truly emulate, and walking around in jewellery that you know looks fabulous and is worth an awful lot of money brings an extraordinary level of confidence and fun.

Beautiful jewellery can also be a real talking point and ice-breaker at a party, and today there is no downside about hiring. Compared with a couple of generations ago, today far fewer people invest in really expensive beautiful jewellery, so friends will admire your initiative in hiring something so lovely.

Renting jewellery is still a fairly new concept and of course there have to be deposits and insurance; but today systems are in place that make it all very easy and affordable.

Norwich’s Rent Your Rocks now operates as part of the Winsor Bishop Group portfolio and they run their jewellery hire business through the online site. They guarantee the stones and metals in their jewellery are genuine and of top quality and prior to every dispatch, each item is professionally inspected and cleaned. They have a wonderful selection of jewellery on their website with advice on sizing and the items are despatched by post with a special return envelope provided.

For truly formal occasions, Susannah Lovis Jewellers in the prestigious Burlington Arcade in central London offers a wonderful selection of styles and designs and while the £40,000 Edwardian diamond tiara set in platinum may be too dramatic for most occasions, they also have a fabulous selection of less expensive jewellery such as a £6000 antique emerald, diamond and pearl necklet that would be a real talking point at any event.

Susannah Lovis Jewellers have a straightforward procedure in place for hiring gorgeous pieces of jewellery, although they do suggest it is best to pop in and try pieces on first.

For all companies that hire out beautiful expensive jewellery, there are certain systems in place to safeguard the items. Some companies take a full authorisation for the cost of the jewellery on a credit card, others ask just for a deposit. Most hire companies offer full insurance that cover transport and delivery and also cover against muggings and theft but this is often restricted to times when the hirer is actually wearing the item. Therefore it is sometimes worth contacting your own house insurance and asking that the piece be added to your own insurance as a temporary item.

Sometimes, a jeweller will not advertise items for hire but may do so on an individual basis, so it can always be worth popping in and asking.


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