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Let's Party!

March 2013

by LaterLife features editor Sally Smith

Let's party in later life article series...

This series looks at some of the more unusual ideas to help you celebrate with style and panache – at affordable price levels, of course!

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Let’s party - First Impressions & The Invitation

You have made the decision, you have even made a rough list of the guests you would like to invite.

Now you need to contact them all so that they put the date in their diary and you have a good turn out of all the people you would like on the day.

Nothing is worse than going to a lot of trouble and expense planning and organising an event to find on the evening, you are waiting in dread in case not enough people come!

Take the worry out of the party by ensuring your invitation is treated with the respect it deserves - and this means introducing a little formality.

It is lovely calling up people and saying what about coming over on such and such a date. Your friends or relations may well say yes on the phone and forget to write the date down, or some panic might occur and it simply goes out of their mind.

If you want to keep it as informal as possible, an email followed by a phone call is a good way. But the email itself can be livened up to ensure it reflects the party spirit.

Even by simply clicking on "Insert" at the top of your email messaging page and clicking on clip art you can find some great designs to liven up your message:

Party clipart party clipartParty clipart

But how much better to send out a nice invitation in the post. Even for light-hearted, fun events people still love receiving a proper invitation.

High Street retail shops such as Smiths and other stationers all have a vast selection of pre-printed invitations for most events and the cost really is low.

You can of course design and print off your own special invitation on your computer, there are some free invitation templates now available on the web. But unless you have experience in graphic design, it is difficult to get both the design and the printing right.

Another option is to get a personal invitation printed professionally. These days, thanks to digital printing, you can get fabulous specially designed invitations printed in really small numbers at reasonable costs. These can include photographs and fun captions to make them really original, or choose themes like tickets.

A fun way is to record an invitation on a CD and send that. You can add music or fun bits and this is no longer a really expensive thing to do. It certainly is a very personalised way to send an invitation. You can also pop a CD into a specially printed cover for that special occasion. There are free templates on line if you wish to try printing the covers yourself, or again you can obtain cd covers printed to your design through a number of online printersPersonalised Stamps.

When posting, liven up the envelope with a special stamp. You can create personalised postage stamps for first class post which certainly add an original look to an envelope

Telegrams can be a great alternative. An old fashioned telegram has to arrive by post these days - those lovely telegraph boys of yesteryear who used to tear up to homes on their bikes with an express message have long been superseded by instant phone and email. But a couple of companies can despatch great looking telegrams set out in traditional formats.

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