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LaterLife Challenge 2014:

New Experiences in Later Life

What new experiences have you tried in later life?

Why not do something new – possibly something you’ve always wanted to do in life, but never got round to.

It could be a single achievement like driving a formula 1 car, sky diving, or white water rafting, or it could be something you incorporate into your new life in retirement such as a new sport or activity, visiting an exotic destination or trying online dating (if you are single!).

Or how about unleashing that creative streak - writing a book, getting into politics, starting your own business, or doing a part time job that’s completely different to what you did in your career?

Or how about getting together with others to start a new joint interest activity – anything from wine tasting, to theatre trips, to a ‘riotous retirement’ club?

Later life is a time of unlimited opportunity! What are you going to experience?


Discovery and Ideas

Discover something new or do something about turning your ideas into reality.

It could be about exploring a place or culture you’ve never visited before (perhaps a trip to China or Russia) or closer to home finding out about and seeing a bit of your own country’s heritage.

Or is there something you always wanted to research that you never had time to do before – is it something that would be of value?

Are you still learning? How will you be exercising your mind in later life, or improving or utilising your skills? How about a course at the local University, an evening class to learn a language, creative writing, or something practical like learning to play the guitar, bricklaying, film making, car maintenance?……. Or enrolling in the University of the third age or the WEA?

Have you got ideas that could help the community or country? What about putting your minds together to come up with a new initiative that would help the local community or the country and putting it forward to the appropriate decision makers?

Do you use the internet? Are you up with the latest technology? How about doing a bit of research and see how technology can benefit your retirement or be of value to others in later life?

Or does ‘discovery’ mean something entirely different for you? You tell us.


Active in Later Life

How would you rate your health, fitness and appearance? Do you regularly run, ski, play football, tennis, badminton, go swimming, go to the gym, go walking?…….If not, our Challenge asks you to do something about it. We don’t suggest you start playing squash if you haven’t played for years! But a number of fitness clubs offer a complimentary visit so you can get assessed and start a fitness programme!

Looking after our bodies is something we often neglect, but there is plenty we can do in later life to make sure we stay fit and healthy. That’s more important than ever in order to help us enjoy our later life. We’ve already covered fitness which is of course part of staying healthy, but have you planned what you eat in later life or thought about your appearance recently?

Part of the Challenge is to understand a bit more about nutrition, diet and anti-ageing and if you need to, make some changes! There is loads of information out there on the web and lots of books, And of course our own health information on the website. You need just a small amount of time to investigate.

The challenge is to understand, decide what to do and make it happen.


Doing Something for Others

We mean helping others in the broadest sense.

It can be doing some voluntary work (just a day a week can be a huge help). Or how about that first aid course you always meant to do? Or you could encourage your employer or ex-employer to become an employer champion in the Government’s ‘Age Positive’ initiative. Or you could negotiate a product or service discount for over 50s in your area (you tell us, we’ll publish it). If you really want to go to town how about a ‘gap year’ with VSO (the more mature are just as welcome these days)?

Think about how can you best use your time and skills to help others.

Having an enjoyable and fulfilling time

The above are just a few thoughts; we want to hear about your activities in later life (or someone you know), and especially how they are all combining to make later life enjoyable and fulfilling.  

Or if you are just getting going we want to encourage you to use your imagination. 


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