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A Partner in the Stars

August 2013

Star Sign chartThere is lots of talk about baby Prince George being born under the star sign of Cancer - and also that evidently his moon is in Capricorn, meaning he will inherit some of his mother’s traits.

Star signs are interesting at any age group, and a recently upgraded report is meant to give the best indication yet of people’s compatibility with their partners. With the number of divorces rising in the over 50 and 60 year old age groups, and also the number of late marriages, it can be interesting to see what the astrologists predict.

On the attached chart, find out your number by following your start sign across to the star sign of your partner, then simply read the details from the number related comments below. These will tell you how you relate to each other.

Love Hate Chart

Number 1 - Totally compatible
A relationship with no friction at all. Both of you find it easy to make slight changes to your opinions and tastes which puts you both into perfect alignment. The only drawback is that sometimes a relationship needs a bit of friction to bring out the best in each other.

Number 2 - Relaxed and easy
A best mates friendship where the two of you enjoy nothing better than to sit down with a drink and discuss your plans and dreams. You not only enjoy being together but you actually like each other. You rarely argue for two reasons, first because you get on too well and secondly because an argument seems too heavy and could spoil your easy going friendship.

Number 3 - All okay
This is a relationship where each partner is different but each has a mutual admiration for the other. Both of you are constantly hoping that some of the good qualities in your partner will rub off on you. You only argue when one of you does something the other really doesn’t like, but this is rare.

Number 4 - Variable
This is a relationship where differences of opinion start to creep in. There will be a number of occasions where both of you seem to hold exactly opposite views. The relationship between you is up and down a bit, and you also tend to share the same weaknesses which make it difficult to help each other. But you are generally tolerant and also you both usually share an opinion of the most important things in life which helps make the partnership work.

Number 5 - Workable but brisk
Lots of differences here but nothing too dramatic. Short sharp arguments which can be productive, but a lot of understanding from both partners too. Main cause of friction is irritation at partner’s faults and an honesty in wanting to point them out to be corrected. But it is all fairly surface, and partners here generally rub along fine with ongoing good humour and tolerance.

Number 6 - Challenging
This relationship can be edgy with quite a few strong differences in opinion which both partner want heard. But both are also aware of each other’s talents and abilities. You will defend your partner strongly in conversations with friends or relations while still being critical at home.  But there will be an openness in the relationship that helps the partnership to grow and turn into a very strong, successful union.

Number 7 - Working relationship
This is a relationship that will need work as two very different characters are involved, each with confidence and a certain stubbornness that can lead to strong differences of opinion. But making efforts to get through difficult patches means the partnership can come out more strongly than ever, and can go through intense highs as well as some lows making it all very worthwhile.

Number 8 - Problematic
This is a relationship of high involvement with the potential of numerous arguments and disagreements.  Two strong individuals who both feel they are right and both are reluctant not to do things the way they want to.  There is also an underlying  competitiveness here, with neither partner wanting the other to “win”. But the confidence of each partner can also be enormous supportive in times of challenges and problems, and as long as both recognize that there has to be give and take in any relationship, this can form a very strong and powerful union.

Number 9 - Very challenging

Both partners here will want to dominate the other in ideas and decisions and will find it hard to let go gracefully. This is the partnership of massive confrontations and a high level of understanding and also self-knowledge is needed to make this partnership work. But things will never be boring, and as long as each person understands that rows can be part of life but making up can be even more fun, then this union can be incredibly rewarding and indeed long lasting.

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