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2016 a year to celebrate!

2016 is definitely a great time to be in the UK….anniversaries of our rich and famous and events from our glorious past are coming thick and fast during the next few months.

These include:
90th birthday celebrations for HRH Queen Elizabeth II. (she will actually turn 90 on April 21st although her official birthday is held in June)
400th anniversary of William Shakespeare’s death on April 23, 1616
200th anniversary of Charlotte Bronte’s birth on 21st April 1816
150th anniversary of the birth of Beatrix Potter July 28th 1866
100th anniversary of the worst day of casualties at battle of the
Somme on July 1st
300th anniversary of the birth of Capability Brown’s on August 30th 1716
350th anniversary of the Great Fire of London starting and finishing Sept 1666
100th anniversary of Roald Dahl’s birth on 13th September 1916
950th anniversary of the Battle of Hastings on October 14th 1066
75th anniversary of the US attack on Pearl Harbour on Dec 7th 1941

So over the next few months we will outline a few of the celebrations that are being arranged to help Britain acknowledge these major events in our history.


The first of course is…the 90th birthday of the Queen. While her official birthday is at the end of April, events will be going on throughout the following months.

For the Queen, the key events are:
Thursday 12 - Sunday 15 May: The Queen and Members of the Royal Family will attend a pageant celebrating The Queen’s life to be held at Home Park in Windsor Castle.
Friday 10th June:
The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh will attend a National Service of Thanksgiving at St. Paul's Cathedral.
Saturday 11th June: Her Majesty accompanied by Members of the Royal Family will attend at The Queen’s Birthday Parade on Horse Guards Parade.
Sunday 12th June: The Queen will attend the Patron's Lunch, a celebration of Her Majesty's patronage of over 600 organisations in the UK and around the Commonwealth since 1952.

Her Majesty’s 90th Birthday Party

The main public celebration is Her Majesty’s 90th Birthday Party being held in the private grounds of Windsor Castle on the evenings of Thursday May 12th to Sunday May 15th. There will be a purpose build area set against a lit up castle as a backdrop and the spectacular event will be hosted by Ant and Dec and feature more than 900 horses and over 1,500 participants. The event will cover a 90 year old journey from the excitement of the birth of Elizabeth through to World War Two, the Queen’s marriage, her coronation and then her reign of more than 60 years. Horses, actors, bands and dancers will be telling the story and a member of the Royal Family will be in attendance every evening, with Her Majesty the Queen expected to attend on the final evening.

Tickets are no longer available for this but it will be broadcast live on ITV later this year.

Celebration in the Long Walk

However, the ballot for tickets to the Celebration in the Long Walk won’t close until 14th March. This Celebration is on Sunday May 15th, the final day of the official Birthday Party pageant, and tickets will allow you to join a pre-performance party on the grass beside the Long Walk and watch the celebrities arriving on the red carpet plus see the performance on giant screens with Windsor Castle as a backdrop.

Five thousand tickets will be made available for this event, to find out more visit:

Patron’s Lunch

There is also a major street party to mark the Queen’s 90th birthday being held in the Mall in central London. This event, called the Patron’s Lunch, will be held on June 12th and promises a carnival atmosphere, with around 10,000 guests from organization of which the Queen is patron. 1,000 tickets will also be available by public ballot. Each ticket costs £150 and this covers an individual food hamper at tables set up along the length of the Mall, along with entertainment.

For more details here visit

Large screens will also be set up for people in Green Park and St James’s Park so that they can join in the festivities.

Smaller celebrations are also being held across the country, with many local councils organizing street parties, fairs and other events. Local websites should be able to give full details of these.

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