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The whole country is getting behind Armed Forces Day, Saturday June 27th

For our generation, the British Armed Forces are very special. Most of our parents and indeed some of us served, either through the war or because of National Service; we were brought up with stories about their loyalty, dedication, discipline, service and bravery. When we were young, joining the military was a hugely popular career choice and there seemed non-stop openings for anyone interested in making a career in the services.

In recent years of course the British Armed Forces has changed dramatically; but our men and women are still out there following orders and giving their very best on behalf of their country.

Now a special Armed Forces Day has been planned to help everyone show their support for members of the Armed Forces, for their families and also for veterans and cadets.

The day is Saturday June 27th but it actually starts a few days before, on Monday June 22 nd when the Armed Forces Day flag is raised on buildings and famous landmarks around the country.

There is also a special Reserves Day being held on Wednesday June 24 th which will provide an opportunity for everyone to also recognise the Reserve Forces.

To become involved, the easiest way is simply to attend an event. There is also a major national event taking place in Guildford, which includes a full day of celebrations kicking off with the Armed Forces Day military parade.

But there are also literally hundreds of events already planned taking place across the UK.

The range of events are amazing and cover everything from church services to musical events to sporting and fund raising activities. For instance, in Berwick upon Tweed there will be a full weekend of exhibitions, talks, demonstrations and even a historical re-enactment. The event includes the Armed Forces Day drumhead service and parade.

In Chelmsford there is a free family fun day for entire families with military vehicles, arena displays, an Anderson Shelter and a parade for all serving and ex military personnel.

Crawley has organised a more musical celebration with live music and sets from London Swing Dance Society. All proceeds from refreshments will be going to the Royal British Legion.

On a similar musical theme, in Falmouth the RNAS Culdrose Military Wives Choir will be giving a free outdoor concert at the Princes Pavilion.

Bedfordshire’s Flitwick Military Pageant Airshow is a WWI Commemoration Airshow dedicated to recognising the contribution of the Armed Forces past and present. This is being held on July 5 th
and includes a living history area so families can see and experience many aspects of the life of a First World War Soldier. There are also First World War replica tank, lorries and motorcycles and an end of day poppy drop (weather permitting).

At Swanage, to help celebration Armed Forces Day, there will be a special exhibition of Three Decades of Army at Swanage Railway, which will include former Southern Railway Battle of Britain class locomotive Manston.

Barmouth is celebrating the event by running a special three peaks yacht race. This involves sailing from Barmouth to Fort William, climbing the highest mountains in Wales, England and Scotland en route, and running the equivalent of three marathons in three or four days. It is all to raise money for the Mercian Regimental Charity and as the organisers say…we need your help; your soldiers deserve it!

It really is staggering the hundreds of different events being held around the country, so if you are not involved, now is the time to find out what is happening in your area.

Details of events are at:

The overall Armed Forces Day website is at:

You can also hold your own event, helping local friends and neighbours celebrate the work of our service personnel, you can join the facebook and twitter communities, or you can of course fly the special Armed Forces Day flag.

Simply visit and you can find links and help on all of the above.

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