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The winners: Annie Makepeace

Big thank you again to everyone who took the time to enter our recent Laterlife Challenge. With so many entries from right across the UK, it was such a hard task to name the winners. But really every one who entered is a real winner; planning, taking new steps and making the effort to ensure retirement really becomes a very special and worthwhile time of their lives.

It is not easy for everyone, through our workshops and contact with so many people coming up for retirement and with those who have already retired, the challenges faced by a dramatic change in lifestyle can be overwhelming and difficult.

Reading the stories of what others have done to help them make the transition is not only fascinating but can also be really helpful to give us new ideas and encouragement to set out on new paths.

So, during the next few weeks and months we will be publishing details of the winners and other entries who really have gone that extra mile to make the very most of their retirement.

And first….our overall winner Annie Makepeace…..

Laterelife’s Tony Clack presented Annie with her winning plaque and prizes on a very snowy day up in Cheshire.

“Annie is a very worthy winner of the overall Laterlife Challenge for 2014,” he said. “The judges were most impressed by her determination to make the most of retirement ever since she had to leave teaching at the relatively young age of 55. She has certainly achieved that aim to the full and fully deserves her award.

“The judges were very impressed by her determination to do things and her enthusiasm for all the activities that she does. She has had to overcome a lot of surgery to help her walk, having suffered from a twisted spine, which makes her retirement all the more impressive.

“Annie ran an out of school and holiday club until she had to stop due to having a knee replacement, but in its place she has become chair of the parish council and is also a ‘snow angel’, helping residents who need help. She also does voluntary work for CAMRA and is an accredited Waste Reduction volunteer, giving talks about composting, recycling and waste reduction. She is also heavily involved in various drama and cultural organisations. She has even started to sing solo in clubs! In addition, Annie is a member of various groups and is starting a gardening group in her village.

Helping with charities and environmental projects is part of Annie’s retirement plans

“She has other things in her repertoire, too. She is a promoter for Cheshire Rural Touring Arts and puts on professional entertainments for the villages, even going to the Edinburgh Fringe to look for acts. She is also a member of an adult pop choir and raises money for Cancer Research by busking in town centres.”

Well done Annie indeed…and look out for more fascinating stories shortly.

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