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Epilepsy Action asks: What's on Your "Bucket List"?

September/October 2012

SydivingWhat’s on your ‘bucket list’?

This year Epilepsy Action held its first ‘Will Week’ at the end of September. To kick things off, the charity decided to take a light-hearted approach to the difficult but inevitable subject. Using Facebook, their followers are invited to say what’s on their bucket list - the list of things they would like to do before they die.

Their staff poll revealed many wanted to visit somewhere, meet someone or do something, perhaps life-changing. Cliff Challenger 56, one of their Local Services managers, said “at the top of my list would be to treat myself to a bottle of Port Ellen Whisky, get on the Trans-Siberian railway and finally read Ulysses by the time I reach Japan, perfect!” Why not join the discussion and see if anyone inspires you at:

Of those affected by epilepsy, unsurprisingly all wanted something really life changing, simply to have their seizures under control.

Although most of us think we know a little about epilepsy, you may be surprised to learn that 600,000 people in the UK today live with epilepsy and a further 87 will be diagnosed each day. Epilepsy is considered to be one of the most serious neurological disorders and can affect anyone and at anytime. But most importantly, with medication alone there is no cure and only half have their seizures controlled.

Epilepsy ActionShare Epilepsy Action’s Vision

Only last year over 1.1 million people contacted Epilepsy Action, the UK’s leading epilepsy organisation. People with epilepsy, their families and even doctors call on Epilepsy Action for free support, information and advice. Epilepsy Action will keep providing this service until everyone affected by epilepsy has access to expert healthcare and can live free of stigma.

There is still some way to go…

What will your life’s legacy be?
None of these services would be available without support from people like you; in fact over 90 per cent of the funding is donated. So during Will Week, Epilepsy Action hopes people will think about the legacy they will leave behind and the lasting difference a gift could make to people affected by the condition.

The legacy of Joan’s life
Joan Evans, who died in 2010, left a letter asking her family to give to Epilepsy Action.

Her daughter Sandra explains “It was just her way of saying ‘thank you’ and to encourage all those working towards the betterment of patients and families”.
Read the full story…

Make the pledge
Will Week is the perfect time to make the appointment to write or update your will. And it’s not that difficult to do…

Joan and GrandsonJoan and her grandson just before he was diagnosed with epilepsy

Joan's Grandson
Joan’s grandson at his graduation


If you already have a will, you can add a one-sentence ‘codicil’, which is a legally binding statement of your wish to make a donation to Epilepsy Action.

If you haven’t yet written a will, you can write a simple will from as little as £50.

Visit Epilepsy Action's Make The Pledge page - Make your legacy a truly lasting one and remember people with epilepsy in your will.

Request your Legacy Guide today.


This is a brighter future.
This is your legacy. Tel: 0113 210 8800 Registered charity in England 234343


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