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Exercise & Looking Good

This page contains the Indexes for Gina John's Home Exercise and Rehab series as well as the Looking Good in Later Life series.

Also our archived Health articles are available right here!

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Home Exercise and Rehab

Gina JohnContributed by Gina John, Registered Osteopath &Pilates Practitioner at The Osprey Clinic.

Daily exercise routine to relieve morning stiffness
Stiffness and weakness in the lower back
Exercises whilst waiting for knee replacent surgery
Improving Posture To Relieve Back Pain
Exercises to Ease pain in the soles of your feet
Exercises to Ease Tightness in your Triceps
Exercises to ease the symptoms of degenerative disc disease
Exercises to strengthen hands and wrists
Exercises for pain caused by a disc bugle
Can exercise delay hip replacement surgery?
Exercises for dog-walkers
Helping with weak or stiff muscles
Improving balance
Cold Hand and Feet
Tight Knees and Hips
Disc Degeneration
Ankle Sprain – Reducing the risk of repeated injury
Dealing with stiffness and aches from computer use
Alleviating Shoulder Pain
Lumbar Instability
Helping with Headaches
Sore and aching hands
Sore knees and tight lower back
Improving posture to ease a stiff neck.
Lower back pain
Knee pain

Looking Good In Later Life

Three Looking Good in later life

Anyone who has looked after her (or his) appearance over the years has the edge in later life compared to ravers who burned all their candles at both ends. These articles focus on beauty products and processes for the more mature face and body - there is a vast industry out there to help with all and every beauty concern and here we explore it.

Edition 1 - A visit to Estee Lauder
Edition 2 - A visit to Clarins
Edition 3 - Medestea Internazionale
Edition 4 - Martha Hill Skin Care

Edition 5 - A visit to Harrods
Edition 6 - The Belgravia Centre
Edition 7 - Vichy Laboratoires
Edition 8 - Visit to Avene Spa
Edition 9 - Including Fashion Tips
Edition 10 - Eyebrows, eyelashes, sun and skin
Edition 11 - Visit to Lasercare clinics
Edition 12 - Common skin conditions
Edition 13 - What we can do about looking old
Edition 14 - Helen Sher`s clinic
Edition 15 - Lasercare Clinics
Edition 16 - Champneys London clubs
Edition 17 - Cosmetic surgery clinics
Edition 18 - Does hair dye cause cancer?
Edition 19 - Fashion advice to older women
Edition 20 - Cosmetic dentistry -1
Edition 21 - Cosmetic dentistry -2
Edition 22 - Skin care and make up products
Edition 23 - Lancome products
Edition 24 - The latest from Clarins
Edition 25 - East meets West with Shiseido
Edition 26 - Nutrimetics - personal service
Edition 27 - Nutrimetics - Our special offer
Edition 28 - Nutrimetics -workshop
Edition 29 - Scrubs, peels and facial masques
Edition 30 - Mail order shopping
Edition 31 - Sunscreen lotions
Edition 32 - Electrolysis v. Laser Treatment
Edition 33 - Thinning hair
Edition 34 - A massage with Bharti Vyas
Edition 35 - The biggest age giveaway
Edition 36 - Highlights from the Nutrimetics catalogue
Edition 37 - Dry eyes? Sensitive to hair dyes? Problem nails? And more..
Edition 38 - Skin treatment from Lasercare Clinics
Edition 39 - Skin treatment from Lasercare Clinics - All about botox>
Edition 40 - Alopecia Areata & Liver spots
Edition 41 - Fresh face, Evening Primrose oil and Nutrimetics news
Edition 42 - Fashion for Fifty-Plus
Edition 43 - Sarah Frankel visits Primark and M&S for autumn fashions
Edition 44 - Presents galore from Nutrimetics
Edition 45 - It's looking for natural ingredients in hair colour
Edition 46 - Sarah Frankel and Helen Franks go to Debenhams for a makeover
Edition 47 - How to pack for the holidays, with Sarah Frankel
Edition 48 - Good hair days here to stay
Edition 49 - Facial exercises
Edition 50 - Can anti-ageing creams help the aged?
Edition 51 - Isologen - the no-surgery treatment
Edition 52 - Facts about teeth whiteners
Edition 53 - Pensioners embrace plastic fantastic
Edition 54 - Beauty inside out, outside in
Edition 55 - New soap which tackles bumps & cellulite lumps
Edition 56 - Emu oil for its regenerative and moisturising properties
Edition 57 - Later life beauty


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