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Explaining Strokes to your Grandchildren

Book to help Stroke Victims

Every year, around 150,000 people are affected by stroke in the UK. Stroke is the third largest cause of death after heart disease and cancer.

For the survivors, because of the brain damage they can cause, stroke is the largest cause of adult disability in the UK.

When someone you know, someone who has been fit, alert and lively, sudden undergoes dramatic changes it can be very difficult for anyone close to them. As adults, we can understand the problems; but so often grandchildren, who have been very close to their beloved grandfather or grandmother, can suddenly be totally shocked and bewildered by the change. The effect of a close family member or friend suffering a stroke can cause enormous long term anxiety and stress among children as well as adults.

Now Medikidz, a medical education company specifically for children, has published a special book aimed at helping children understand and cope of life during this hugely challenging time.

The book is called Medikidz Explain Stroke and has been written by paediatric communication specialists. It has been created in a comic style featuring real life Ethan who witnesses his grandfather Ken suffering from a stroke. In the book, Ethan meets the Medikidz superheroes - a group of five characters, each an expert on a specific area of the body. Sensing his confusion and anxiety, they whisk him away on their spaceship and travel to planet Mediland; shaped like the human body. There, they take Ethan on a journey through the brain and blood vessels. He learns more about blood flow, oxygenation, and how tears or blockages in blood vessels can lead to a stroke and affect movement, speech and memory. During the exploration, the superheroes help Ethan identify the signs of a stroke, explain treatment options and help him understand what his grandfather has experienced. Reassured, he returns home eager to help his grandfather.

Ethan’s grandmother said she was delighted other families could be helped by their involvement in the book.

“Ethan has been really helpful with Ken: he would often encourage him through his learning-to-walk stage, getting him to go that little bit further each time, which was hugely motivating. Now he’s hoping our story will help other children understand why strokes happen.”

Co-Founder of Medikidz, Dr Kate Hersov, explains:

“Medikidz was founded out of a frustration with the lack of child-friendly health information available. We work closely with healthcare professionals, families, children and patients to fully understand the needs of young people. Thanks to Ethan, The Stroke Association and The British Association of Stroke Physicians, we will be able to help children better understand the situation in a time of anxiety and confusion.”

The Stroke Association is enthusiastic about the book and says it hopes it will help children across the UK to understand what happens following a stroke.

Medikidz Explain Stroke is available from priced £8.99.

More information on stroke is available at


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