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You don’t have to go to America to see fabulous autumn leaves

September 2017

girl taking a photo of autumn trees
Picture courtesy of The National Trust

Even if the summer weather hasn’t been the best, in our soft climate there is always something new to look forward to and now of course autumn is beginning to show its glory.

The lovely colours or red, oranges and yellows against a backdrop of greens and browns make the countryside at this time of year especially beguiling.

We have all heard of the amazing displays of red leaves in the New England region of America and certainly the autumnal displays over there can be totally dramatic.

But you don’t need to travel that far to enjoy the fabulous new shades of autumn While the colour of a British wood at this time of year turns predominantly yellow, you will also see fabulous splashes of crimson and rust red on a few native trees such as rowan and even our glorious oaks can turn a charming coppery shade.

Autumn really can be a time of glory and certainly a great time to rug up and get outdoors.

The National Trust has done the homework for us this autumn and put together the best places across the UK where you can get out and about to enjoy nature’s wonderful colours.

They have divided the country up into regions so that everyone can find a variety of places to visit near them that will show autumn colours at their best. For a lovely walk in the country this autumn, this should give you some great new ideas.

The Daily Telegraph has also recently put together a good report on where to see the best colours this autumn. It also mentions best times which is useful as it can be easy to forget that autumn does usually come earlier the further north you go.

But of course if you want to go one step further than just a lovely walk in the countryside near you, then the best way to see Britain’s autumn glory is at an arboretum.  Like so many things in our lives, this wasn’t really a word many of us new as children, but today it is well recognised as an area where there is a botanical collection of trees.  Often they feature wonderful trees from around the world but others simply show more local species. While shrubs and other plants may be included in the area, in an arboretum the main focus will always be on trees.

So an arboretum is of course one of the best places to see autumn colouring and the English Garden has put together an excellent list of Britain’s top six arboretums including of course perhaps our most famous one, the Westonbirt Arboretum. Here you can see two areas, the Old Arboretum and the Silk Wood,  full of glorious maples that, with a bit of luck, will develop the most amazing autumn colouring.

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