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Spring into creativity

April 2017

Easter and the following weeks are always a lovely time of year as the full glory of spring begins to show.

With the colours coming out and the sun beginning to shine more warmly and brightly, it is easy to start thinking about doing something creative.

Easter always emphasizes this with lots of news about ideas on how to decorate eggs and baskets and make Easter decorations for the table and so on.

But once Easter is over, there is no need to stop.  There are classes and groups right across the country offering activities, lessons and social get togethers covering every creative activity from painting and dress making to acting and pottery.door hanger

All you need is to find that idea that grabs you, and you will be away.  A good place to start can be pinterest. We found lots of good ideas and links on

Along with great suggestions such as May Day door hangers and bird feeders, the idea of beautiful sun catchers caught our eye.

Here at Laterlife we also recently came across an interesting American website which offers a new take on creativity for seniors.

The site seniors.lovetoknow comments that more and more seniors are discovering the rewards of finding a new hobby or rediscovering a pleasurable craft from the past. They also rightly say that today the difficulty isn’t really finding a craft to pursue, but trying to decide which one to try because there are so many choices!

flower mosaicOn their creative page they make some good suggestions for new creative hobbies including mosaics, making scrapbooks from photography and even faux stained glass. This is a lovely idea for anyone who likes to paint, you can trace the design first to ensure you obtain a really professional result.

This site also mentioned one stroke painting, something we hadn’t come across before. It seems such a good hobby using quite simple techniques to create some beautiful results. The site links through to expert one stroke painter Donna Dewberry but another good site in this area is where it shows techniques for one stroke flower petal painting

One tip we learned was for people who want to work with clay. Polymer clay may be new to people who haven’t much experience in this area but it is in fact not a natural clay. Instead, it is made from plastic and polyvinyl chloride, making the clay soft, pliable and very easy to work with.

However, it can be cured as normal (although required slightly lower temperatures than natural clay) and decorated to make lovely finished clay models.

skeleton leavesMore unusual ideas came from the site Felt Magnet. There are lots of creative ideas on their main site but “skeleton leaves” were new to us and what a lovely result can be achieved  with the soaking method.

With modern materials and new technology, arts and crafts have come a long way from the traditional areas of painting and sewing. As spring gives us all that extra energy, maybe this is the time to think about starting something exciting and different.


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