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What we hate about
passengers on flights

July 2017

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It is travel time again with all airlines, ferries and hotels reaching their peak season in the year.

But while generally travelling can still be fun and exciting, onboard an aircraft in the confined space with no escape route can become tricky, especially if you are seated next to  or in front of a passenger from hell!!

Recently the online travel agency Expedia run a poll to find out what behaviour air passengers hate most in fellow travellers and here at Laterlife we empathised with the leader in the most irritating scale...the back seat kicker. Sitting there with a continuous thump thump thump to the back of your seat can definitely spoil a nice flight!

Evidently for four years running Expedia say rear seat kickers are voted the top most irritating aspect in a flight. So if you are travelling with grand children...keep guard!

The top ten included:

  1. The Rear-Seat Kicker
    Children can become very bored on a flight, the responsibility lies with the parents or people in control.

  2. Inattentive Parents
    Children standing up and touching the person in front, poking things through the gap in the chairs, racing up the aisles, there are all sorts of things children get up to when parents aren’t looking.

  3. The Aromatic Passenger
    Putting on too much perfume….or in the worst scenarios, not keeping oneself or clothes clean…can give off pungent smells which aren’t too bad in the shops or street but become unbearable on a flight.

  4. The Audio Insensitive
    Earphones not placed properly, volume simply too loud...constant noise can cause serious discomfort in fellow passengers. Not acceptable behaviour at any time.

  5. The Boozer
    Alcohol can have more effect on a flight because of the pressure and oxygen levels. Holidays are all about having fun, but too much fun can cause real disturbance and even frighten fellow passengers.

  6. Chatty Cathy
    You have carefully chosen and brought your book and sudoku to do on the flight and you really really are not in the mood to talk to strangers. Keeping a conversation going can use a surprising amount of energy. However appealing and interesting, some passengers want to relax quietly on their own.

  7. Seat-back Recliner
    We thought this would come higher up in the list as nothing is more annoying that the seat in front of you coming back in full recline, meaning you can’t use all your tray and can’t move either unless you put your own seat right back. Not everyone wants to spend a flight in a full reclining position. Airlines have been looking at restricting seat inclination for some time now but if you are in a plane where the seats still do fully recline, think carefully about the passenger behind you.

  8. The Armrest Hog
    Sounds minor but can be a real source of irritation. Whose right is it to use the armrest?  Share and when it is your turn, make sure you don’t overlap too far.

  9. The Mad Bladder
    Not the passengers fault of course, but someone who continually wants to get past to get to the aisle to retrieve things from their cabin bag, to change in the toilets and so on can be totally infuriating.

  10. Single and Ready to Mingle.
    This includes the hen and stag parties and other groups who assume everyone is wanting to have loud and boisterous fun. There could be someone on the flight going to a funeral. It is all about courtesy.

Actually courtesy covers all the aspects here really. If things on a flight become too difficult, tell the air steward or stewardess. Every airline wants their passengers to have a good trip so that they will rebook!

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