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Don't let mobility problems
stop you travelling

June 2017

Arthritis, knee problems, back many things start to appear as we get older, and sometimes they can start restricting us from some of our activities we used to enjoy.

Thankfully though travel need not be one of them. Today there are some exciting new products to help people with mobility problems get away this summer, from easy transportable mobility scooters to lightweight walking aids perfect for getaways.

New ideas are coming out all the time now to help people with mobility problems achieve the very best lifestyles they can…and it’s all thanks to new materials and new technology. These are being incorporated into specialist equipment and products light years ahead of what was available just a few years ago.


Products newly launched include the exciting Scootcase Travel Mobility Scooter. This is a big breakthrough in the market with an efficient and safe mobility scooter that folds down quickly and easily into a suitcase with a total weight of just over 31 kg. This makes it possible to easily put it into the hold of an aircraft for minimum extra cost as well as in a coach or on a train. The Scootcase offers full functionality with good comfort, easy driving and comes fully supplies with a battery and charger. £999 plus VAT.


Another innovative idea for travel is the Drive iWhizz, a new design with some exciting new features including a remote control folding mechanism. Simply touch a button to fold and unfold the scooter in just under 20 seconds into a compact package that fits easily into car boots and aircraft holds. £1999 plus VAT.


The Endeavour Rollator is the ideal walking aid to ensure people can keep their independence when on holiday. It includes a really useful padded seat and backrest bar for a rest on those longer walks and folds in seconds into a compact package for easy transport.  £59.99 plus VAT.


An unusually thoughtful development is the Cool Seat.  This is a really simple solution for people who are chair bound for long periods and can even help them enjoy sitting on a beach. It is all thanks to its inbuilt gel packs which make the seat very comfortable of course but also product a dry cooling sensation. No pre cooling is required, and the seat comes with a convenient carry handle and strap, £31.49.

These products are available from many specialist suppliers online including from

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