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New Online e-learning
Retirement Courses

Many visitors will already know that LaterLife is the leading provider of open Planning Retirement Workshops, which are run regularly at 45 locations around the UK and over 1000 organisations use our workshops for their employees.

Now we have developed a very comprehensive Online Retirement Planning course, covering both lifestyle and finance, which draws on the extensive experience of delivering face to face courses to the many thousands of delegates each year. By providing alternative paths and optional levels of detail it is applicable whether you are within a few years of retirement, in your first years of retirement, or are still 10-15 years away.

It uses e-learning technology to offer an interactive, attractive and enjoyable experience. You can get a good flavour from our free 5 minute demonstration at  

So if your employer doesn’t offer a Retirement Planning course as an employee benefit, or if you didn’t have the opportunity before you retired, now we can offer you a very cost effective way of getting an enormous boost in helping you make the most of your retirement!


What’s more, during the launch period, we are offering newsletter subscribers a massive 50% discount on the price. If you are a newsletter subscriber the promotion code to use is P4RL50 when you purchase online at Plan Online.

And for your children or grandchildren in their early careers

Many people leave school without the financial education to equip them for the real world. Our Early Career Financial Education e-learning course offers them a fun way of learning and assists them to understand the essentials of finance including budgeting, avoiding or getting out of debt, saving, mortgages, insurance, pensions and other key financial information.



During the launch period we are offering newsletter subscribers a 20% discount on the Early Career Financial Education price, just use the promotion code FEL21.



Discount for LaterLife newsletter subscribers

Promo code

Online Retirement Planning Course 50% P4RL50
Online Early Career Financial Education Course 20% FEL21


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