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60,000 young people are waiting to join Scouts...
could you give some time to help?

February 2020

a Scout
Scouting and Girlguiding offers a host of new experiences for young people

When we were young, and certainly when our parents were young, scouts and guides were very big organisations.

They were among the largest activity groups for youngsters of all ages, and on February 22nd every year thousands across the land would pay homage to the founder Lord Baden Powell. Many schools encouraged their students to wear their scout and guide uniforms to school on that special day. 

But that wasn’t the only time uniforms were worn in public. Once a month on a Sunday there was more often than not a Scout or Guide parade at every local church across the land, when the young members of this huge organisation would turn up in full uniform and carry flags up the aisle as part of the special service.

It really was a vast group that helped to introduce the youth of Britain to a host of activities and values not taught in school or indeed at home.

Today the organisation has changed dramatically; but it is still very strong and active. In fact, today,  Scouts is the largest mixed youth organisation in the UK. Yes, it now accepts girls too and altogether it has more than 450,000 members; so while we may feel it is not as visible as when we were kids, there are still certainly lots of Scouts around.

Not all countries have accepted girls into the Scouting movement and in the UK there is still opportunity for girls to join its sister Girl Guide movement instead. This has remained solely for girls.

But both organisations exist thanks to Lord Baden Powell; and both continue to adhere to his initial concept of learning new skills and independence, making new friends and helping others.

Both the Scouts and Girlguides offer a unique experience for modern youngsters that can add to life experience and help to create confidence among our young people, along with offering lots of fun, laughter and enjoyable activities. Collecting badges is still a large part of Scouting and Guiding but today the themes not only cover the traditional bush craft and survival aspects but also encompass modern society through a wide range of new awards such as communications, circus skills and DIY.

As more and more parents..and grandparents..become concerned about the amount of time children spend on screen, Scouting and Girlguiding is beginning to see a new lift in popularity. But volunteers are desperately needed to ensure the movement can continue and even expand. At the moment, for Scouts alone there are nearly 60,000 young people on the waiting list to join UK groups.

To join as a volunteer you don’t need super skills or know how to put up a tent or indeed have any specific ability. The door for volunteers is wide open to people of all ages and backgrounds and even if you can only offer a small amount of time a month, or can help to butter 120 slices of bread for a group of hungry eleven year olds, your time and contribution will be really welcomed.

Both movements will provide training and help and there are so many fun activities to get involved in, you definitely will never ever be bored.

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