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Affordable second homes in the sun

April 2017

holiday homes

For much of our working lives, many have dreamed of retiring in the sun. But when the time comes, suddenly there are lots of problems and concerns.

Are you really ready now you are older for a complete change in lifestyle? What is the risk of investing overseas and what if it turns out you don’t really like it? Is health care as good or as affordable?

Now with the added uncertainty of what Brexit will mean re our relationship with other European countries, there can indeed be many concerns about pursuing that dream retirement in the sun.

But more and more people are realizing that you can indeed have it all!  What they are doing is keeping their home in the UK but investing in residential caravans and mobile homes in the sun.

In recent years there has been an increase in caravan and mobile home parks across Europe, offering excellent facilities and in some cases the opportunity to earn rent from the caravans when you are back in the UK home.

swimming pool by the sea

The parks alone have come a long way from earlier sites with limited facilities. Today many permanent caravan parks and mobile home sites have as many facilities as a five star hotel, with swimming pools, grounds, play areas for children and shops on site. Many have restaurants, bars and even launderettes on site.

More and more parks are also open all year round now, meaning you really do have a second home in the sun to be used whenever you want.   For pet owners, this can prove a perfect solution when your second home is within driving reach of the UK.

Companies have reacted to a growing demand by seniors and there are now a number of residential retirement style parks aimed at the 50 plus only. These are perfect home from homes as no touring caravans are allowed, you know who your neighbours are, and some are gated communities offering great security and peace of mind when you go back to the UK for a spell.

Costa Del Paradise for instance offers a range of parks including a specialist Residential Retirement Park. Families and children are allowed to visit but not to live on the park and the park has a great community spirit. They also even offer a design your own mobile home option if you can’t find your perfect design.

Posada Park is another company that has taken on the demand for retired or semi-retired people wanting to spend time in the sun. They even provide English tv to all the homes plus they have a bowls club and a local golf group.

It doesn’t take a lot of internet trawling to find some wonderful new park developments. Caravans in the sun offers a huge range of parks and also homes around the Mediterranean including on Greek Islands.

Buying a new home in the sun is always nice, but to save money there is also a good range of previously owned homes for sale everywhere. There are many online sites...preloved UK can give a good idea of prices.

On top of that of course you have to allow for ground rent and the normal service charges, but most parks are very clear about the costs involved.


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