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Electronic Fitness - NHS Fitness Studio

September 2020

Woman on exercise mat
There are programmes for every fitness level

Getting motivated to keep fit can be a challenge at the best of times. Right now, with all the restrictions in place and most public classes and clubs cancelled, maintaining enthusiasm to do any exercise or activity can be difficult.

Finding a zoom yoga class or a you tube pilates class is not easy; there is so much choice and it can be time consuming and sometimes impossible to find something that really works for you. Also, when you finally log into a programme, in many cases you suddenly find you have to pay for the class and you may not want to commit until you know it is right for you.

So well done the NHS who has an easy to find guaranteed to work Fitness Studio now running on line. It is entirely free and available 24/7 so is perfect for our modern weird lifestyles.

The NHS Fitness Studio features a huge range of instructor led exercise classes put together by fitness experts InstructorLive.   There are 24 different videos to choose from, lead by professional instructors, and each video, or class, runs from between 10 to 45 minutes.  The instructors are all clearly passionate about what they do and, with their clear speaking voices and friendly, easy to understand demonstrations, they generate enthusiasm. The videos have been recorded from previously live webcasts, but this makes no difference. It really feels as if the instructor is speaking to you in your home.

What is particularly good here is that whatever your shape or level of fitness, you can start quietly and privately in your own home while still feel you are interacting with the teacher.  If you get behind or lost in what you are meant to be doing, then you can just turn back and start again.

There are a range of special classes covering lots of different areas, from toning your abs and raising your heart rate to pilates and Vinyasa flow yoga. There is also a class called Wake up! Workout to get you going and even Belly Dancing for beginners which is a really fun way to lift your fitness levels. One of my favourites is the La Bomba Dance workout. This combines energetic dance moves to Latin American dance music and other styles. With the beat going and the instructor showing you how easy it all is, this programme offers an enjoyable way to have a really good workout.

No specialist equipment is needed but if you have an exercise mat then that might help you feel you  really are part of the class. Appropriate music is played in the background and the NHS say all the routines shown count towards the recommended guidelines for weekly physical activity.  

One aspect that is particularly appropriate for our age group are the speciality classes designed specifically to help with problems. These include special pilates for back pain, pilates for knee pain and pilates for osteoporosis videos, again easily accessed and free of charge.

Website for NHS fitness studio is at:

Their speciality fitness programmes include:

Pilates for back pain:

Pilates for knee pain:

Pilates for osteoporosis

If you are looking for something a little  more advanced, then this NHS site will also point you in the direction of other workouts including a 12 week fitness plan.

It can be strange doing classes on your own without the camaraderie of others in a normal class; but until things get back to normal this really is a free and easy way to help keep your body in shape.

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