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Keep that shady look!

Wearing sunglasses can add glamour to a look, and most of us know that by protecting our eyes from bright sunlight is a good idea. It makes it easier to see without squinting and this of course can add lines to our face.

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Your blood group can affect your health

If you don’t have an O blood group, you may have a slightly increased risk of a heart attack or stroke.

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The more we know Alzheimer's, the better we can help

Next week is Dementia Awareness Week here in the UK – and how appropriate this is for everyone. This dreadful condition is set to become the biggest killer of the century and one way or another we will all be affected.

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Statins in the news again

The latest news just out highlights medical concern the thousands of people are dying because they haven’t taken statins due to concern over non-existent side effects.


Dangers of processed meat

Following on from warnings about eating too much red meat, it is worth noting warnings from the respected World Health Organisation that processed meats can also be dangerous.

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Taking care of your feet

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Our feet consist of skin, bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves and blood vessels. Our skin naturally thins with age and loses its elasticity. Healing may take longer and general wear and tear can affect joints. Problems tend to occur if you’re less mobile or you’re having difficulty bending down to tend to your feet or to see them if your eyesight has deteriorated.

Having healthy feet can help us to balance our body effectively in walking, running, dancing and in many daily activities.

Our feet are vulnerable to repetitive mechanical stress and skin irritations due to tremendous daily usage.



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Diet Supplements and Nutrition

Conditions, Illnesses & Ailments

Health Articles

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Health food of the month - Kiwi Fruit


Now most good shops will stock these little green fruit that are hugely popular not just for their lovely mixed sweet and sour flavour, but also because they are recognised as one of the most nutritious fruits you can buy.


Previous Health Foods of the Month...

Blood oranges
Sea Bass
Sugarsnap Peas
Brussels Sprouts


Health Insurance

As well as living a healthy lifestyle, there are many plans and policies that you can put in place to give you added protection of your health and wellbeing.Click here for a handy overview of the choices available. If after reading this, you want further information or a quote specific to your needs, please contact healthcare specialists, Jelf, who are experts in this field and will be delighted to help you.

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Recent Health Articles:

Smoking still a threat
When we were young smoking was still fashionable; indeed for many of us taking that first puff was the entry to a new sophisticated world! How wrong we were…it is well documented now the terrifying harm smoking does to our long-term health.

WHO warning that measles is spreading across Europe
Warnings are coming in this month from the World Health Organisation that measles is spreading across Europe. Overall 559 cases of measles have been reported in Europe in January this year, with 474 of these reported in France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Romania, Switzerland and Ukraine.

Prepare your health for the holiday season
Summer is coming and thoughts often turn to travel! But as we get older we know health becomes an important consideration as we can be more vulnerable to sickness and problems while travelling.

Bursitis hit out of the blue
An active friend rang suddenly to say she was stuck in a chair all day after being diagnosed with bursitis. Neither of us had ever heard of this before and the problem came on so suddenly, with no early warning signs, that here at Laterlife we thought it worth investigating.

Drugs may make osteoporosis worse
News released late this week indicates that drugs used long term to treat weak bones, especially in older people suffering from osteoporosis, may in some patients cause the bones to weaken instead.

Night creams are for health as well as beauty
It is not just women who use night creams these days...and night creams are not used just so we can keep looking as young as possible...although of course that is always a great bonus!

Clinical trials are going ahead for breakthrough cancer treatments
News of new ideas on causes and treatments come in regularly, but it is what happens next that is the important aspect. Certain ideas are sound enough to warrant further testing and eventually some of these will make their way into official clinical trials.

Natto beans
Natto comes from Japan where it has been a traditional food for centuries. Natto beans are simply soy beans that have been specially treated.

So what is alcohol?
Alcohol is now being presented as a drug rather than a drink, and there are constant warnings about drinking limits and the damage it can do.

Denied life-saving drugs because of cost
It seems almost unbelievable to people in our generation that fabulous cures are available for medical problems but we can’t have them because they are too expensive.

Most people especially women have heard of thrush, a common yeast problem that can be unpleasant and very uncomfortable. Less known is that thrush can affect men too.

New reports show malaria treatment fails
Travel is fun and for modern day retirees and those on part time work, travel to more distant parts of the world is becoming more and more commonplace. But with travel there can be risks, and malaria is definitely one of them.

More important than ever to keep your hands clean
The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has issued advice on washing hands in an attempt to bring down infection levels.

In the red
Blushing is not something we welcome. While a very gentle flush can add a charming colour to a pale complexion, anything more severe is simply a big cause of embarrassment.

New teeth for old
It is the news we have all been waiting for...that there is a way to regrow our teeth!

You can see the a month!
We have all heard the stories, and many of us will have had personal experience of the problem of trying to get an appointment with the local doctor. What has gone wrong?

High risk of norovirus this winter
Most people will have read that the norovirus vomiting bug is at a very high level this winter, with more people than usual suffering from this illness.

Can Prosecco really be good for us?
Recently there have been some great reports saying Prosecco is good for us. For many, this is exciting news with the promise of great celebrations ahead!

Don't waste your medication
The major drugs company Pfizer has been fined for overcharging the NHS for an anti-epilepsy drug. But the amount pales into insignificance when you look at the amount of medicines we throw away or waste every year.

Don't keep your cool
Trying to over fight cold weather is not always the best thing. According to Spring Chicken, experts in products for the over 60s, this hearty hardiness is not good for everyone.


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