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Home Exchange



Home Exchange – the Holiday Alternative

Home Exchange 50plus
is a website which enables you to holiday by swapping homes with like-minded travellers, either in your own country or worldwide, and is specifically for those 50 and over. Select from 750plus homes in 50plus countries from Australia to the USA, stay free and travel more.

Home Exchange – what is it?
It is when you agree to swap homes, and often cars, with someone; you stay in their home and they stay in yours, and no money changes hands.

Home Exchanging can take several forms:

  • A traditional exchange is when you swap homes at the same time.

  • A non-simultaneous exchange is when one or both of you have alternative accommodation available, and therefore the dates for the exchange do not have to link and the exchange happens at different times for each party.

  • Hospitality Exchange is the third type and this is when you take turns staying as guests in each other’s homes and works particularly well for singles.

Home Exchange – who does it? It would be incorrect to think of those who home exchange simply as budget travellers, for that is far from the truth: they represent a wide cross-section of the travelling public. A recent survey showed that 70% of home exchangers are over the age of 45, 60% regard themselves as highly educated, 25% are self employed and 24% are retired.

HomeExchange50plus have many members in their 70s and some even in their 80s, many of whom are single, who see this as a great way to travel and make new friends along the way.

Home Exchange – why do it? It is a great way to travel, to experience other cultures and to see other countries differently, through local eyes and not just as a tourist. Saving money is the obvious benefit – with no accommodation costs, the savings can be substantial, well into the thousands per year. Imagine how much more you will have to spend by not paying hotel bills or villa rental! Other major savings can be achieved by swapping cars, sports equipment and even boats, by not having to dine out every night, even by playing as a guest at your host’s sports/golf club. The same survey listed 33% of home exchangers’ motivation was to save money, 23% wanted to travel more often and swapping homes allowed them to do so, and just over 18% are looking for the authentic cultural experience that comes with staying in a home.

Brian & Catriona Luckhurst created Home Exchange as lovers of the idea of Home Exchanging and see it as a project to keep them busy in retirement. The website has a special section for Golf Breaks, the idea being that you can swap clubs as well as homes and maybe even temporary membership.

It also includes a holiday home rental section which is open to all but aimed at the 50plus market who are more time flexible and tend to rent at quieter times.

Are you 50plus and love to travel, are you ready for some exciting new experiences, travelling to fabulous places and enjoying the second half of your life to the full? Isn’t it your time for a great adventure? What better way to travel and save money than joining Home Exchange 50plus!

Special Offer for Laterlife readers:

Quote the special code LA2020 to receive 20% off the membership fee

NB The discount only applies to the initial membership period chosen.

Visit and browse the homes displayed then join up as a member, list your home for exchange or rental and start planning your next holiday.

If you have any questions on Home Exchange email  quoting the code shown above.

Home Exchange 50plus members

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