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Sitting Pretty With Homesitters

Would you like a break from routine – and the chance to have a change of scene at no cost to yourself?

Why not become a Homesitter?

Since 1980 Homesitters Ltd has been employing mature, responsible people to live in other people’s homes and care for their pets and possessions while the owners are away. The company has a nationwide network of nearly 1000 carefully vetted employees.

Sitters have complete freedom of choice in both the type and number of homesits they undertake so they control not only what they do, but when they do it! Great care is taken in matching the abilities and interests of the Sitters with the needs and situations of the clients; whilst each assignment is a responsibility, it is also enjoyable for the Sitter.

The rewards of homesitting are varied:

  • the chance to stay in a variety of properties: homes vary from country cottages to London townhouses, from manors to maisonettes, from flats to farmhouses
  • the opportunity to see new places and explore different areas
  • the company of pets without the commitment or expense of owning them
  • the responsibility of standing in for other homeowners.

For those on a limited income, the modest remuneration plus the provision of a food allowance and travel expenses (both tax free) can help to supplement a pension or other income.

Homesitting appeals to people from a wide range of backgrounds who enjoy a break and a bit of an adventure – but who want the security of a professional company backing them. Homesitters Ltd takes care of all arrangements, provides support and back-up at all times and carries comprehensive insurance cover for its employees.

For more information visit or call us on 01296 630 730

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