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Six top tips for keeping your memories safe when you’re travelling

Amassing and curating memories has become an international pastime, and not only among teenagers on Facebook. When you’re travelling for any length of time, and particularly for a prolonged hop, it’s hardly surprising that you’ll want to keep and share those precious memories and experiences. We’ve been travelling now through Latin America for almost six months and here are our top six tips for offline and online security on the move. And it’s not all about cutting edge technology.

1. Store your photos

Keeping your photos intact is probably the first thing that comes to mind when you think back on holiday memories. The advent of digital photography has brought its own challenges as well as providing a super-easy form of snapping away at ease. So how best to store and access the mass of images you’ll undoubtedly come back with? Some people carry external hard drives to solve that problem but those can be cumbersome and easy to lose. We’ve found that carrying a stack of memory cards is the best solution for us. These are light and are less likely to be stolen. It’s better to choose four, eight or 16GB cards rather than those with higher capacity as the latter can fail and lose a significant chunk of your memories. You may also like to upload your best shots to a platform such as flickr where you can choose to restrict access to family and friends (or just yourselves) or showcase your pictures to the world. Flickr allows you to then download your pictures at the end of your trip at the same resolution and turn them into a memory book.

2. Tell your story

If you’re embarking on a longer adventure, your trip will be less of a series of photos than a story to tell and share. We’ve found that the discipline of keeping an online blog has been a useful way of recording experiences, albeit edited ones. Our blog is public so therefore we’re keen to provide high-quality, regular content. You can choose to make it private though and only visible to yourselves or those you select. We’ve chosen Wordpress although other blogging platforms are available! We also still carry our trusty paper diary to ensure private thoughts remain just that.

3. Make social media work for you

Of course social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter can come into their own while you travel. You can tell a selected story to your contacts as well as using the photo storage they offer.

4. Record your memories

With the zeitgeist’s emphasis on the visual, it’s easy to forget the power and easiness of recording sound as you travel. Because we’re making short films, we’ve brought a small recording device with us (about £200) but most phones and laptops have inbuilt microphones. It’s pretty easy to press play to record sounds of the street, local musicians or your thoughts on the move.

5. Become a director

If you’re using your camera to shoot film, you may want to consider editing and storing your videos as you go. It can be an easy and incredibly effective way of recalling experiences and many devices come with their own straightforward editing software such as iMovie or Windows Movie Maker. Movies can then be uploaded to sites such as Vimeo or YouTube where you can make them entirely private or shared only with family and friends by amending the sharing options. If they don’t contain personal material, you may like to make them public to help others decide about visiting a particular location. Altruism in sharing experiences online is apparently a big factor in keeping online communities alive.

6. Developing basic online security

Keeping your data secure is a topic wider than this one article but there are a few basics for travel. We keep all our IT (sadly we travel with a laptop, phone, tablet, microphone and e-readers) in one bag which we never check in. Before we move on, we exit all programmes as well as clear our browsing history. Naturally all our equipment is password protected.

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