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Knowhow - IT and Technology Help

Knowhow is the award-winning end-to-end services brand supporting Currys PC World. Knowhow strives to better serve customers throughout the lifetime of their products and to help them get the best from their technology. Services include delivery and installation, set-up, repairs and protect.

This article series will be introducing new technologies as well as helping us enjoy and make the most of new products for years to come.

Knowhow No. 28

Ordering goods online is not only convenient it's now quicker and easier than ever. Nowadays we are increasingly using our mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets to make online purchases, but it's really important to follow some precautions to make sure your credit or debit card information is safe while you shop.

Tips for safe shopping online with your tablet or smart phone

The Knowhow

According to Symantec (2013) one in 3 of us as have experienced mobile cybercrime, but there are precautions you can take to limit the danger.

Beware dodgy apps

Avoid downloading apps from third party app stores as they can contain malicious malware, adware and spyware. Also check the permissions the app requires before accepting.

Avoid spam texts and emails

You should proceed with caution before opening texts and emails from unknown sources. Those offering too good to be true deals on holidays are just that. Avoid these potential scams at all costs.

Also be wary of fake gift cards and surveys. These account for around 56% of all social media attacks (Symantec 2013).

How to get a new email address and protect it from spam

Avoid Wi-Fi hotspots

Don't use your credit card to make online transactions at Wi-Fi hotspots.

Security is lower on public internet connections and your bank details, passwords and personal details are more vulnerable to hackers than on your own personal connection. Click on the article below for more information.

How to use Wi-Fi hotspots securely

https only

You should only shop online from reputable retailers or websites whether from a laptop, PC, tablet or phone. There are online directories such as or which lists only the retailers that offer secure credit card transactions.

Look for https in your browser address bar before entering your card details:

Click on the link below for more details.

What is the difference between http and https?

Protect your device

Apparently 1 in 2 users of mobile devices do not use passwords, install security software or back up files to protect them. Make sure you password protect your device with a strong password that will be difficult to detect. Click on the link below for some tips:

Choosing a password - stronger is safer

Also install software that will lock, locate and wipe your device (e.g. find my iPad) should it be lost or stolen, and use a cloud back up service to protect your precious data: e.g. Knowhow Cloud.

Install mobile security software

We've all now got used to installing and updating security software on our home PC's and laptops, but not our mobile devices - even though we use it for the same things: email, internet browsing and online shopping. It's therefore important to protect it in the same way. There are several apps on the market that you can download to do this e.g. Norton Mobile Security.

For more general tips on safe shopping online click on the link below:

How to shop safely online

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