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Knowhow is the award-winning end-to-end services brand supporting Currys PC World. Knowhow strives to better serve customers throughout the lifetime of their products and to help them get the best from their technology. Services include delivery and installation, set-up, repairs and protect.

This article series will be introducing new technologies as well as helping us enjoy and make the most of new products for years to come.

Knowhow No. 9

There's no getting away from it - floors, walls, curtains and even pets need cleaning from time to time. The invention of the vacuum cleaner over a century ago has saved millions of people many hours of hard labour. With a range of vacuum cleaners to choose - how do you know which one is best for you?

Below is a list of the different types of vacuum cleaners and their advantages.

What to look for when buying a Vacuum Cleaner

The main types of vacuums are:

Cylinder vacuums: They're great for getting to those remote corners of the room, like behind the sofa and armchairs. Harder to control than other types but they're lightweight and have good suction, which works well on hard floors

Upright vacuums: Ideal for moving quickly around large, open floor spaces. Many (like Hoover and Vax models) come with an array of attachments so you can get into those hard-to-reach areas as well. The cons are they are heavier and tend to be nosier.

Bagless vacuum: A lot of manufacturers now create more vacuums without bags because they're more economical and can be easy to clean. They're generally more expensive to buy and some types need frequent filter cleaning.

Bag vacuum: Vacuum cleaners with bags tend to be cheaper to buy in the shortfall but you have to keep in mind how much the refill bags will cost. An advantage to vacuums with bags is they're easy to dispose of and they seal the dust away - proving better for allergy sufferers.

Vacuum filters: Filters help reduce the amount of dust that becomes airborne when vacuuming. There are different types of filters which include: Stage, lifetime and HEPA filters. Most vacuum cleaners being sold nowadays will have HEPA filters and some will also include a stage filter as well. HEPA (S-Class) filters are ideal for allergy sufferers as it's said they remove even the smallest amount of dust particles from the air. Stage filters usually remove dust through three - seven phases. You'll need to research to find out if the filter in your future vacuum is washable or needs to be replaced every few years.

Power: The rule is that the higher the wattage, the better suction you'll get. This is more important for cylinder vacuum cleaners as the dust and dirt being picked up has to travel down the hose, instead of being sucked up straight into the body of the vacuum. You can also get vacuums which let you change the suction power; this is great when cleaning chairs, curtains, rugs etc.

Other types of Vacuum cleaner

Handheld vacuums: Great for removing pet hair and cleaning sofas but tend to need emptying more frequently due to their small size. Easy to store, especially if you live in a small house or flat.

Wet/dry cleaner: Wet and dry cleaners have a specially designed cylinder/drum that can be used to clean up wet or liquid spills, wash carpets as well as vacuum.

Polishers and steam cleaners: Other specialist floor cleaners include floor polishers and steam cleaners. Steam cleaners are good if you need a heavy duty cleaner on a regular basis. Polishers will both vacuum and polish and are a good choice for hard wood and laminate flooring .

Robot vacuums: Robot cleaners are clever devices that do the vacuuming for you. A built-in camera takes a picture of the ceiling to determine the path to take and systematically goes about its task sweeping the room, sucking up the dirt on its way.

Other considerations

  • How long is the cable; you don't want to keep plugging your vacuum into another wall outlet. Also can the cord be automatically winded?
  • The types of floors in your home and how much furniture you have
  • What attachments and brushes come with the vacuum cleaner; some can help with picking up pet hair and tougher dirt marks
  • The higher the capacity, the less time you have to spend emptying it


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