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Beauty treatments for men                                                   July 2010  


Beauty treatments for men

mens' beauty treatmentsMany men in our age bracket can still be appalled at the thought of applying face creams or, even worse, visiting a beauty salon or spa. This sort of thing was just for the “ladies” when we were growing up.

But things have moved on dramatically. Instead of the old syndrome of older men being able to ditch their wives of decades for younger models, things are turning and today there are endless cases of women in their 50s, 60s and even 70s turning to much younger partners.

So perhaps it is time the men of our generation started looking in the mirror and thinking whether they too should make a bit of effort to ensure they remain attractive to their partner!

First port of call would be your local major pharmacy. As you are probably well aware from Christmas and birthdays, there is a host of aftershave and face and body products aimed specifically at men which have been designed with less fragrance and masculine styled wrapping. But there are also some new developments coming into the market. For instance, serums for men have just been introduced – just dab a little on morning and night where your lines are worst and you may find you can help stay the natural aging process a little. So it is worthwhile to spend a little time looking at all the products now available over the counter.

But of course best of all is to visit a skin clinic, spa or treatment centre. All of them will offer special treatments for men these days and are well used to treating men of all ages. Facials are great – even simple facials can help boost tired, stressed and dehydrated skin and help protect against the harsh effect of constant shaving and environmental damage that men expose themselves to day after day.

Go one step further, and you can be offered a deep facial cleaning and complete skin detox. This can involve a number of treatments including perhaps steam exfoliation and will help clear and eliminate blocked pores on your skin, accelerate skin repair and neutralize impurities. Modern products have fast acting ingredients that can provide long-lasting defence against the damaging effects of daily pollutants.

Then of course there is your body; various treatments can remove dead skin cells and surface impurities and replenish lost moisture, perhaps on your back or your arms and legs. The treatments can greatly improve the overall appearance of your skin.

More and more men today are having manicures and before you flinch, they are not just for men over concerned about their looks. Having professionally cut and cleaned nails together with a hand soak and massage is actually good for your hands. Also, hands are a big give away on age – having healthy hands and nails is a great image booster. Pedicures too are really useful. This is particularly true as we get older because it can become more difficult to remove that hard skin on the soles and heels of your feet by yourself. Today paraffin wax skin conditioning treatment is proving very popular with men of all ages and now could be a good time to get those feet in order before you take off for a summer beach holiday.

Massage is something men usually feel more comfortable about, especially as so many top sportsmen rely on regular massage to help keep them supple and fit. A good massage is often sort to help reduce those odd nagging muscular twinges and stress pains that people over 50 often encounter.

It is never too old to start looking after oneself, and with so many new specialist centres and treatments now available just for men, this could be the time to really discover what is available.


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