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Keep those eyebrows in good shape


Keep those eyebrows in good shape

eyebrowsEyebrows are important; they add so much to our facial appearance and expressions and they also do help to keep sweat out of our eyes. They are so much part of our normal face that it can sometimes come as a serious shock when you look in the mirror and suddenly realise that your eye brows have gone mad.

Changes in eyebrows as we age tend to be quite different for women and men. For women, eyebrows may have stopped growing and in some cases disappeared in areas where they have been plucked for years; or they may generally have thinned, sometimes even to the point of almost disappearing altogether.

For men, as they get older it is very common to find their eyebrows have suddenly taken on a new lease of life and grown wild, bushy and out of control.

For women, it is unlikely your eyebrows will be disappearing on their own, and it is normal that people suffering from thinning eyebrows are also suffering from general hair thinning everywhere. Hormonal changes are the main cause of hair loss and this can show clearly in changes in eyebrows. Changes in the activity of thyroids can affect hair growth too, so a check up with your doctor is a very good idea. There is a long list of medication that can interfere with hair growth and of course vitamin and mineral deficiencies can contribute to hair thinning as well.

There are things you can do to help the situation, vitamin and mineral supplements sometimes help; special treatments used for male baldness such as minoxidil lotion might work (although it could result in bushy eyebrows instead!) and there are several professional treatments now available that help improve the look of eyebrows.

Also, there is the simple remedy of using eye brow make up to draw your eyebrow back in and help them regain their shape. Nowadays, a brow powder and brush can give a softer more natural look that a traditional eyebrow pencil on mature skin. The ideal is to match your brows with your hair colour, but if you are grey or very light, then a soft grey brown is best; dark eyebrows can look over dramatic on a softer older complexion. Before you start drawing in a new revitalized look, do take time to work out where your natural browline is and keep to this line as much as possible; adding exaggerated arches or lifting the eyebrow line usually looks very unnatural.

For men, again the change in eyebrows is due to hormonal changes. For many men, their levels of testosterone remain at a good level or even continue to increase up to the age of around 70 and this can encourage vigorous hair growth particularly in areas that were perhaps not as robust in younger years – areas such as the nose, ears and eyebrows.

There are now clinics where men can have their eyebrows professionally trimmed and shaped, and even dyed. There are also special men’s eyebrow razors available and of course men can simply pluck their eyebrows into a better more manageable shape. Long coarse hairs are easy to trim with special scissors or pluck out completely, but then, before you do any more, the key is to ensure you know the outline of the brow you want. Only do one hair at a time, and caution is always better than vigorous pruning!

Many modern salons will now offer professional eyebrow advice and treatment, and it could well be worth visiting one before making any radical changes to your looks.

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