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Common scents for your home.

March 2011 

scentsKeeping a home clean is essential to avoid germs and to ensure it looks nice and welcoming. Many of us though ignore the importance of scents and fragrances in a home. The big supermarkets have got it very right; as we walk through the open door we are often greeted by the wonderful smells of fresh oven baking that sets us in a great mood to buy.

Smell is a very strong sense and can have enormous effect on our moods and emotions; scents in a home can help change an environment and help create specific atmospheres; really adding ambient scent and fragrance in your home should be as important as dusting the ornaments.

There are many ways of adding scent to various rooms. Candles are of course the easiest and today you can buy these in a range of difference fragrances. It can be best to choose just one fragrance for the main living areas and one for the bedroom areas; mixing different fragrances can create confusing scents, especially in open planned homes. Candles come in all sorts of shapes and sizes these days, and as long as they are kept in proper containers are very safe indeed. They really are a nice easy way to scent a home.

The traditional potpourris are still popular and can look more attractive than a candle. They are usually made from a collection of dried flowers, leaves and other plant material set in an attractive bowl or container and then blended with long lasting fragrances. They can add a delightful feature to a home.

Incense sticks, which are used with special holders or burners, arrived in the UK from the middle and far east many decades ago and are still very popular. They can sometimes be a bit tricky to light and some can give off very well defined aromas which can be almost overpowering. They are easy to use though, cheap and still very popular.

Oil reed diffusers are a newer idea and look lovely as the reeds are placed in what is often a decorative pot and spread out above to create a charming focal point. The oil contained in the pot travels up the reeds to gradually diffuse into the air. They last a long time.

An even newer idea is the USB diffuser which can plug directly into your computer so there is no need to have lit candles or liquid oils around the place. The diffuser holds fragrant granules in a range of different scents.

For the more ambitious, you can consider a scented water fountain. These are small water features which of course add to the décor of any home and can have the addition of various essential oils to ensure a subtle scent wafts into the air.

There are also numerous other products that can be purchased to add scent to a home, from aerosol sprays, scented drawer liners and hangars, scented rock crystals, wooden balls and the traditional lavender bags.

And of course that is just the beginning. Once you have decided what method you want to use to scent your home; the next step is to decide on the scents and the choice here is mind blowing. Many offer specific mood enhancing features; tangerine essential oil is said to be soothing and calming; chocolate scented candles can be ideal for special occasions; sandalwood adds a sweet, rich aroma to add elegance and comfort; the list is almost endless. Popular at the moment is ylang ylang which has a sweet, exotic, floral aroma but new scents are coming on the market all the time.

It is fun trying out new scents for your home and, unlike changing the wallpaper or furniture, it is a reasonably cheap way of changing the mood and feel of a room.


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