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Everyday cooking

February 2011
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Making Bread

Everyday Cooking

foodEveryday Cooking is a new feature of run by Rosemary Martin.         

Covering topics such as bread making, meals for one, nutritional meals, healthy eating, freezer cooking, seasonal cooking, microwave cooking, bulk cooking, preserves etc., Useful for older people and those on a limited budget, or single householders…

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February 2011

Cooking on a budget

coinsManaging a household budget has always been tough, but with the ever increasing cost of food, care really is needed to avoid paying more than you need. Even if your budget isn't desperately tight it’s always a good feeling to know that you’ve not overpaid, and a bargain can be an absolute joy! By doing a few simple things like buying the right things in the right quantities at the right time and avoiding waste, you should be able to continue to eat well without breaking the bank. Here are a few tips to help your budget go further:

Grocery shopping:

Shop as infrequently as possible, because if you aren't in the shop then you won't spend any money! Watch where you shop too, the supermarket isn't always the cheapest place and local markets tend to stock local produce which can be fresher and give better value, particularly later in the day when they like to clear their stock. Aim for a monthly shop for non perishables, and more frequently for fresh produce. Plan your meals in advance and seek out recipes that would, for instance, use cheaper cuts of meat (which are usually tastier) or are quicker to cook, which saves on energy use. Make a list of what you need before you shop, and buy only what is on the list..

Buying in bulk:

market stallLarge savings can be made by buying non perishables and dry goods in bulk. Invest in some good quality airtight containers for storage. It is important where you shop as well, some Cash & Carry stores allow non trade customers. Watch out for 'money off' deals in the supermarket and buy then if you can. Our local supermarket has had really good deals on some of our staples lately, such as 'buy one get two free', an amazing saving and worth stocking up whilst the offer is on. Also consider buying online to get the best deals, and often it is free delivery - saving you the cost of fuel!

Dining out:

Eating out is a very pleasant social activity, but it can be hard on your food budget. Try to reduce the cost of eating out by keeping in mind that whoever you are sharing the meal with is the most important element of the event and not the meal itself. Try to opt for casual outings, or chat over coffee rather than a meal. Instead of dinner, meet for lunch, when prices are cheaper for the same dishes. Bypass the starters, skip the dessert and then serve coffee and a simple dessert at home for a low-cost treat.

currySometimes in the warmer months we take a picnic or a BBQ to the forest with friends and family, which is a real treat and, if planned well, can make for a splendid economical meal. We will be offering some great tips for al fresco dining in this column as we move into summer.

Try to make use of these few tips and you can eat healthily and enjoyably, whilst keeping control over your budget and knowing exactly what is going into your meals. Enjoy…




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