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Everyday cooking                      January2011

foodEveryday Cooking is a new feature of run by Rosemary Martin.         

Covering topics such as bread making, meals for one, nutritional meals, healthy eating, freezer cooking, seasonal cooking, microwave cooking, bulk cooking, preserves etc., Useful for older people and those on a limited budget, or single householders…

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January 2011

Making bread in a bread machine

Bread rollsHave you tried making your own bread? It is so much nicer and much cheaper than shop bought bread.

If I had to choose just one item of food to survive on it would be bread: it is so versatile, tasty and nutritious.. As children, we often had to fill up with bread when food was rationed in the post-war years.

There are endless TV programmes and YouTube videos giving instructions for making your own bread, but even though it is simple to make it is very time consuming - leaving the dough to rise then knocking it back, it can be hours before you have the finished loaf.

But with a bread machine it takes just three or four minutes to weigh out all the ingredients, put them in the breadmaker, choose the programme and switch it on. And the results are consistently good.

We bought our breadmaker two years ago and make a loaf every other day: it costs roughly 50p to make a 1kg wholemeal loaf, much cheaper than shop bought bread which is about £1.15 for an 800g wholemeal loaf - a huge saving, and I'm sure we have recouped the price of the bread machine by now.

If you don't need such a big loaf you can make either 500g or 750g loaves, and you can choose to have light, medium or dark crusts.. Our machine came with a fabulous recipe book and we are working our way through the recipes we like the sound of.

We have recipes for white breads, seeded breads, granary/brown/wholemeal breads, every type of savoury bread you could imagine, and even an assortment of gluten free recipes. The machine even makes jam! We enjoy trying out different types of bread and bread rolls like the ones in the photo above which are sun dried tomato and parmesan.

Our machine is a Kenwood BM250 which rates quite highly in the reviews and can be bought for about £55. So if you are wondering what to buy with your Christmas gift vouchers...





Our everyday loaf is made using half wholemeal flour and half white flour, which makes a less heavy loaf. The recipe is below:




Ingredients for a 1kg loaf

300g strong white bread flour
300g strong wholemeal bread flour
2 tablespoons dried milk
1½ teaspoons dried yeast (for bread machines)
1½ teaspoons salt
4 teaspoons sugar
380 ml warm water (90 deg.)
2 tablespoons olive oil

* Our bread machine came with a measuring jug and spoon.


  • Weigh all dry ingredients, put in a mixing bowl and stir lightly.
  • Place paddle in bread pan then pour in the warmed water.
  • Tip all dry ingredients gently on top of the water
  • Make a well in the middle and add the olive oil
  • Close lid and switch on machine
  • Choose programme No.1 set for 1kg loaf with a light crust.

The bread comes out as a big square loaf as you can see: we find it easier to cut the loaf in half, and then put each half on it's side for slicing. The bread freezes beautifully so if you don't use much bread it can be first sliced then frozen, and defrosted as needed..


  • Make sure your water is 90 deg in the winter or 86 deg in the summer.
  • Always make sure you use yeast suitable for bread machines.
  • Other types of bread machines may vary in their operating methods.



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