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  June 2008   

Anne Diamond took up kick-boxing on the advice of her local victim support group – and got herself a gorgeous figure as well a new confidence that she can defend herself if necessary

Kick boxing classI got into kickboxing quite by chance. I had been attacked on the street in broad daylight in a well-to-do area by a man who was older than me. I was very surprised by the attack and it made me unsure when walking in my own area. I was advised by the local Victim Support Unit to take a few self-defence classes and so I started to look on the internet. I found one which was run by two women, one who was a 3rd Dan (higher than a black belt) and the other who had taught the Metropolitan Police their officer safety training.

I knew I was onto a good thing. However, the self-defence classes were not due to start for a few weeks and the school suggested I come along for a trial of all the different classes they offer – Pilates, Yoga, Core Stability, Kung Fu and Kick Boxing. I tried the latter and was immediately hooked although I must confess it is hard going.

While I was there they suggested I follow their nutritional plan designed for athletes. The plan encourages the body to use its store of fat for energy by reducing the intake of processed carbohydrate such as bread, potatoes etc. Protein, vegetables (excluding root vegetables) and a bit of fruit every day are the main staples of the plan. When this is combined with a cardiovascular work out such as kickboxing or Core Stability, the weight falls off.

As a result, I have toned up remarkably and now have stomach muscles – something I have never had in my entire life. Most of all, the classes at the school have given me a sense of empowerment and physical confidence which I did not have previously. Although I do not look to be attacked I also do not fear that I will be as I now know how to fend off blows and strike back should this ever be necessary. I also feel much better about my body as people remark on how toned my arms are or how well I look – all due to the classes and the eating plan.

I have tried all the classes at KB Fitness and found them to produce results fast. Personally, I have never liked yoga. I find it challenging and slow. However, it has encouraged my spine to straighten out so I now walk tall and don’t slouch. The Pilates class works all the muscles you never believed you had and improves suppleness. The Core Stability class is like the kickboxing class but movements are done in slow motion. The Self-Defence classes are perhaps the most useful of all and I am now alert and confident when walking anywhere.

All in all, the attack incident has helped change my life for the better. I feel more confident, I look more toned and I no longer have a weight problem.

For more information on KB Fitness see  or call 07881 957977
Most KB classes are in London but you can become an e-KB member to do the exercises at home.



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