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HERBAL REMEDY OF THE MONTH                                      MAY 2008   


3 supplements to support health when travelling


Jane Feinmann picks her favourite herbal remedies to pack for holidays


To get the best out of your trip, it makes sense to check that any vulnerable health areas are protected to ensure that the maximum benefit is gained from a holiday. 


Vitacell containerVitaCell

The skin needs more protection from the sun than just sun lotion and a sun hat, particularly if you have fair skin. When skin is exposed to sunlight, the body uses dietary antioxidants and natural pigmentation as part of its own protective mechanisms.  Eating plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables is the answer - but an antioxidant levels can help if you're diet isn't all it should be.  VitaCell contains limonene and beta 1,3 glucans, noted for their immunosupportive properties; vitamin C which is needed in greater quantities if out in the sun a lot; natural vitamin E; green tea, zinc; circumin; selenium; lycopene and beta carotene.

£14.95 30 vegetable capsules

Travelguard packetTravelGuard

TravelGuard contains friendly bacteria, probiotics, to help maintain digestive health while travelling.  It' s a clever capsule within a capsule enabling protective liquid plant oils and probiotics to be combined for the first time, in a convenient one-a-day supplement.   The outer capsule contains liquid extracts of oils of coconut, cinnamon, oregano, clove, ginger and rosemary, oils which help to support the health of the gastrointestinal system and maintain the balance of beneficial bacteria over the less desirable organisms which can occur in food when travelling.  The inner capsule contains probiotics and garlic extract.  These ingredients are protected both from the plant extracts and from stomach acid, so they can be released further down the digestive tract.  TravelGuard contains four billion probiotic organisms that help maintain the friendly bacteria in the gut. 

£16.45 15 capsules


Vascularguard containerVascularGuard

VascularGuard has been formulated to help support the healthy function of the cardiovascular system which can be a concern when travelling with restricted leg room.  VascularGuard contains natural vitamin E, an antioxidant with an affinity for healthy blood vessel function plus four plant extracts.  Pine Bark extract and Grapeseed extract provide proanthocyanadin molecules, antioxidants known to be beneficial in helping with capillary integrity and strengthening connective tissue in the blood vessels.  Bilberry helps maintain healthy blood flow in the extremities.  Lycopene is sourced from tomatoes and is also important for blood vessel support.

£22.95 30 vegetable capsules

VitaCell, VascularGuard and TravelGuard are available from health stores and by mail order from BioCare 0121 433 3727 




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