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How old is your brain?
                                   August 2006



How Old Is Your Brain?

Do you forget people’s names or forget where you put things?
If so, you might want to know about the following…



Brain Power (Mmpb): The 12 Week Mental Training Programme


Nintendo has introduced a new Brain Training Programme Brain which also includes the popular sudoku numbers game.

It has been developed by Dr Ryuta Kawashima, a Japanese neuroscientist, and is a series of quick but challenging exercises designed to energize the brain. These brain exercises have been adapted into software for the Nintendo DS, allowing users to train their brain by exercising for just a few minutes each day, whether on the go or when relaxing.

Launched in Japan in May 2005, ‘Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training: How Old Is Your Brain?’ (known as ‘Brain Training’ in Japan) has sold 2.4 million copies. The programme asks users to perform a number of tasks, like doing simple arithmetic and remembering words.


  • By measuring the speed and accuracy with which they are performed, the users are given a score in the form of a ‘DS Brain Age’.

  • Once this score has been established, the programme then sets the user a daily regime, such as mathematical puzzles and remembering sequences of numbers to help improve their score, or ‘DS Brain Age’.

  • With the accompanying built-in calendar, users can track and record their progress. Obtaining a certain number of marks will unlock additional tests and challenges to be played.

All exercises contained in ‘Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training’ are based on easy to execute mathematical, cognitive and language-based tasks. To carry out the exercises players need to hold the Nintendo DS console like a book, reading about the tests on the left screen and solving them on the touch-screen to the right. The touch-screen allows users to intuitively “write” their answers on the screen.

An inbuilt microphone in the Nintendo DS also means that voice recognition is utilised, asking users to verbally distinguish between what they see and read on screen in a number of challenges.

Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training: How Old Is Your Brain? costs around ?19.99 and it only takes a few minutes each day! Click onto  for all of the most up-to-date official information on Nintendo.

Also, go to   then click on Human Body & Mind for all kinds of facts and figures about intelligence, memory, sex, brain power



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