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With Covid 19 still raging, don’t ignore the threat of seasonal flu

older person in hospital bed

In the past, flu was sometimes thought to be just a bad version of a cold. Now of course we know so much more and after Covid 19, we can understand more clearly what the world went through in 1918, when an influenza pandemic swept across the globe. This flu, which killed millions, was recorded as the most devastating infectious disease in history. .


Electronic Fitness -
NHS Fitness Studio

woman on exercise mat

Getting motivated to keep fit can be a challenge at the best of times. Right now, with all the restrictions in place and most public classes and clubs cancelled, maintaining enthusiasm to do any exercise or activity can be difficult.

So well done the NHS who has an easy to find Fitness Studio now running on line. It is entirely free and available 24/7.


A major study is asking for our help

bowl of olives

The Canal and River Trust, which does so much to ensure we can continue to enjoy the waterways, needs our help.

The Trust has just launched a huge project which longterm they hope will ensure access to waterways continues in our ever growing cities and rural communities.


The Current LaterLife Articles:

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General Interest Articles: An extensive list of Interesting Articles on topics many and various. The index to general interest articles, articles are listed newest to oldest.

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Knowhow: is the award-winning end-to-end services brand supporting Currys PC World. Knowhow strives to better serve customers throughout the lifetime of their products and to help them get the best from their technology. Services include delivery and installation, set-up, repairs and protect.

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Lakeland are the leading supplier in kitchen and homewares and we've teamed up with them to bring you a selection of vegetarian recipes.

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Baking Mad: Are you baking mad? Well this series brings you delicious baking recipes each month. Let us know how the baking goes!

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TechnoFile: will help you to understand some of the bewildering array of technology available today, and possibly help to keep up with your grandchildren!

More from this series

Relationship Column: Maggi Stamp is a highly qualified relationship counsellor and trainer who writes each month about emotional and practical concerns and challenges that many of us meet in later life.

More from this series

Probably 42: Probably42 is a new idea that we hope will be of particular interest to those of us who are retired.
We hear from many retirees that they would like to continue to use their knowledge, skills and experience (KSE) in some way in retirement. Probably42 provides an outlet for that KSE. It’s also a different way of giving something back.

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Gardener's Diary: In association with the Royal Horticultural Society looks at Gardening jobs for this month from the experts.

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Travels With Alice: Look out each month for the latest story in our exciting new series Travels with Alice. Written by our resident writer Jeanne Davis in her usual thought provoking and entertaining style, we know you will enjoy her fascinating insights into human behaviour and great locations .

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IVS Volunteer Stories:

Founded in 1931, IVS is a non-profit organisation that promotes peace and social justice through volunteering. This article series will bring you stories from their volunteers about their inspirational experiences.

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Volunteering Journeys:

Get ready to meet great people, see great places, do great things and embark on amazing, uplifting adventures. Pack your bags and join us in volunteering abroad and travelling responsibly. We’re about to take you on a real journey!

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RSPB: In association with RSPB read top-class feature content, expert advice on how to find the UK's best wildlife and provide a home for nature in your garden, plus the latest news from the RSPB's conservation work .

More from this series

Look Fabulous Forever: A series by Tricia Cusden, Founder and MD of make up brand Look Fabulous Forever, that gives guidance on makeup and beauty.

More from this series

Art Masterclass: Learn to express your inner artist. Each month presents a feature from either The Artist or its sister publication, Leisure Painter.

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Waitrose: Take a look at this month's starters, mains and desserts recipes from Waitrose, featuring some recipes inspired by LaterLife's Health Food of the Month.

More from this series

Writer's Block: Jackie Sherman, a writer with over 20 years experience shares her advice for budding writers on a variety of topics.

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LaterLife Interest Extras: An index of past articles of interest to an over 50s audience provided by other organisations rather than our own authors.

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The Archived LaterLife Articles:

Beyond the Headlines: Each month our resident writer and commentator Jeanne Davis goes behind recent news stories to comment on various ideas and subjects that have special resonance for our age group. 

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You can do IT

You can do IT was a regular Question and Answer section on run by Jackie Sherman IT trainer and author. The aim is to try to help LaterLife visitors make the most of Information Technology on or off the web.  

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Discover Your History: is an exciting new-look national magazine that takes a broad look at our past – including aspects of family and social history as well as Britain’s local and national history and heritage.

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Healthwise: Here via the index you can view the articles from previous editions. There is a wide range of material on topics relevant to later life such as regular exercise, walking, running, arthritis, muscle tone and much more.

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Gina John

Home Exercise & Rehab: Contributed by Gina John, Registered Osteopath & Pilates Practitioner at The Osprey Clinic.

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Let's Party!

Let's Party: Celebrate in style as we look at some of the more unusual ideas to help you celebrate with style and panache – at affordable price levels, of course!

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Out of the Box

Out of the Box: This series looked at different and in some cases quite unique hobbies. If you are looking to try something new to do this is a good place to start.

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Grandparenting Does Make A Difference

Grandparenting Does Make A Difference: Jeanne Davis gives her expert opinion on Grandparenting.

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Joining A Gym Over 50

Joining A Gym Over 50: Here Sally Smith finds out if Joining her local Gym is as scary as she first thought. It gives a good insight into the Gym for those who haven't been in a while or before.

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In the Kitchen

It's never too late to learn to bake...with Mrs Simkins: Popular cookery author Mrs Simkins is recognised for her straightforward writing and easy-to-follow recipes.

Everyday Cooking: Simple but great meal ideas and cooking tips.

More from this series

Interest Index

Interest Index: LaterLife has been providing people in retirement with articles since 1999. Here you can find some of our really old articles.

More from this series

Planning Retirement Online


Recipe Inspiration Waitrose

Recipes using Haggis
Recipes using Mincemeat
Recipes using Mascarpone
Recipes using Chesnuts
Recipes using Seaweed
Recipes using Ice cream
Recipes using Apricots
Recipes using Broad beans
Recipes using Kiwi Fruit
Recipes using Cabbage
Recipes using Venison
Recipes using Noodles
Recipes using Blood Oranges
Recipes using Dates
Recipes using Partridge
Recipes using Milk
Recipes using Celeriac
Recipes using Seabass
Recipes using Figs
Recipes using Quinoa
Recipes using Aubergines
Recipes using Crab
Recipes using Chocolate
Recipes using Oats
Recipes using Sugarsnap Peas
Recipes using Turkey
Recipes using Brussels Sprouts
Recipes using Duck
Recipes using Sweetcorn
Recipes using Mushrooms
Picnic Recipes
Recipes using Rockett
Recipes using Strawberries
Recipes using Lamb
Recipes using Potatoes
Recipes using Sardines
Recipes using Cauliflower
Recipes using Lentils
Recipes using Cranberries
Recipes using Pork
Recipes using Pheasant
Recipes using Pumpkin
Recipes using Scallops
Recipes using Gooseberries
Recipes using (blue) Tomato
Recipes using Crab
Recipes for Easter
Recipes using Feta
Recipes using Mangoes
Recipes using Cheese
Recipes using Pickled Vegetables
Christmas Recipes

Lakeland are the leading supplier in kitchen and homewares and we've teamed up with them to bring you a selection of vegetarian recipes.

Sourdough Pizza
Easter Bunny Bread Rolls
Roasted Tomato, Chickpea & Halloumi Salad
Margherita Pizza with Quinoa Crust
Oriental mini sweetcorn skewers
Wholemeal tagliatelle with peperonata sauce
Sirt Food Burger with Kale Crisps and Pickled Cauliflower Florets
Anna Jones' Pistachio and Elderflower Cordial Cake
Courgette, Black Bean & Corn Enchiladas
Pumpkin and Gruyere Tartlets
Hearty Mushroom Soup
Black Rice Salad
Anna Jones' Black Dahl
Basil Tagliatelle
Spinach and ricotta pasta tart
Feta and courgette tart
Corn and quinoa bites
Mushroom Risotto
Mediterranean tart
Lentil bolognese with courgette spaghetti
Fettucini with rocket pesto and fresh tomato salsa
Halloumi and spinach curry
No-Stir Spring Risotto
Beetroot Burgers
Stuffed squash with goats' cheese
Ricotta with Basil & Tomato Tart
Fondant-Filled Chocolate Eggs
Vegetable Pie
Spicy Lentil Soup
Pumpkin Cakes
Parmesan Biscuits With Tomato Jam
Fresh Spring Rolls

Bringing you delectable desserts and bakery goodness in the form of simple, easy to follow recipes.

Chocolate Nutella Mice
Ultimate Summer Berry Cake by Lily Vanilli
Vegan Millionaire's Shortbread by Juliet Sear
Chicken & Pumkpin Pie
Elderflower & Lemon Cake by Juliet Sear
California Prune and Orange Hot Cross Buns by Peter Sidwell
Mary Berry Carrot Cake
Naan Bread Pizza
Caramel Apple Poke Cake
Pumpkin Cupcakes
Rainbow Meringues
Black pudding sausage rolls by Candice Brown
Bacon and spinach loaf
Chocolate Avocado Truffles
Prosecco and Raspberry Jam
Millionaire's Shortbread with Cadbury's Créme Eggs
Flower cupcakes
Gluten Free Maple and Pecan Cookie Creams by Phil Vickery
Calorie conscious orange and rose water shortbread
Father Christmas cupcake
Individual lemon meringue pies
Gluten, wheat and dairy free double chocolate almond cake by Phil Vickery
Parsnip and orange spiced cake by Nadiya Hussain
Glazed ring doughnuts
Peanut butter caramel chocolate cake
Rhubarb and ginger bakewell tart
Chocolate and pistachio breakfast wreath
Maple Bacon Cupcakes
Hot Cross Buns
Fat Rascals
Cinnamon Rolls
Apple and Cranberry Crumble Mince Pies
Halloween Piñata Cookies
Chocolate Peanut Mug Cake
Red velvet cake
Tiger Bread
Classic lemon cake
Cream Tea Strawberry Tarts
Ultimate chocolate brownie

It's never too late to learn to bake...

...with Mrs Simkins

Popular cookery author Mrs Simkins is recognised for her straightforward writing and easy-to-follow recipes.


Gingerbread men
Eccles cakes
Light apple and almond cake
Dorset apple cake
Cosy cake
Coconut tarts
Ginger Batter buns
Lemon Drizzle cake


Everyday Cooking

Simple but great meal ideas and cooking tips

Covering topics such as bread making, meals for one, nutritional meals, healthy eating, freezer cooking, seasonal cooking, microwave cooking, bulk cooking, preserves etc., Useful for older people and those on a limited budget, or single householders…

How to store your crops arrow
Gooseberry Cobbler arrow
Broad beans on toast arrow
Salmon Fish Cakes arrow
Grilled fish with Quinoa arrow
Chicken, Leek and Mushroom pie arrow
One stop salmon with oven roasted vegetables arrow
Creating soft diets
Chocolate rum truffles
Chicken casserole and suet dumplings
Bacon and Stilton macaroni cheese
Vegetable Gratin
Pepper and Mushroom Tortilla
Healthy Fajitas
Rhubarb and Ginger jam
Oaty chocolate chip & hazelnut biscuits
Vegetarian diets: the basics
Sweet orange marmalade
Cooking on a budget
Making bread


Art Masterclass

Learn to express your inner artist

Each month presents a feature from either The Artist or its sister publication, Leisure Painter

How to paint a snowy log cabin in watercolour with Alison Fennell arrow
How to Make Quick Lively Sketches of Animals with Gary Geraths arrow
Design Your Own Christmas Cards with Judith Milne arrow
How to Paint Lively Watercolours with Liz Chaderton arrow
How to Paint Rose Hips in Watercolour with Julie King arrow
Botanical Painting for Beginners – how to paint an iris in watercolour with Jarnie Godwin arrow
Animals in Motion – Paint a Tern in Flight with Marie Antoniou arrow
Figure Painting Alla Prima - Demonstration Two by Philip Tyler arrow
How to paint facial features with Hazel Soan arrow
Use Watercolour and Gouache to Paint Expressive Landscapes with Robert Dutton arrow
How to Paint Koi Carp in Watercolour - Practice Your Wet-in-Wet Techniques with Alison Fennell arrow
Dramatic tension – dynamic still lifes with Alison Rankin arrow
How to Paint a Puffin in Watercolour with Rachel McNaughton arrow
How to Paint a Snowy Landscape in Watercolour with Julie King arrow
How to Paint and Draw Holly for Christmas Cards with Judith Milne arrow
Top tips for painting flowers with Paul Riley arrow
How to paint fresh, modern still lifes with Halima Washington-Dixon arrow
How to avoid overworking your paintings with Haidee-Jo Summers arrow
Painting in the Park - John Somerscales arrow
How to Paint Watercolour Skies with Paul Riley arrow
How to Paint Bluebells in Watercolour using a Splattering Technique with Ian Pethers arrow
How to Paint Water in Watercolour with Deborah Walker arrow
Chasing Waterfalls: How to Paint Moving Water in Acrylics arrow How to Paint a Vibrant Sunset in Watercolour with Gwen Scott arrow
How to Paint Steam Trains in Watercolour with Gerald Green arrow
How to Paint a Snowy, Winter Landscape in pastel with Les Darlow arrow
How to Paint Glass and Ceramics in Watercolour with Sue Sareen arrow
How to Paint Night Scenes in Watercolour with Paul Weaver arrow
How to Paint a Ginger Cat in Watercolour with Alison Fennell arrow
How to Paint Sunsets with Steve Strode arrow
How to Make a Scene with Animals by Paul Weaver arrow
How to Paint Moving Water in Acrylics arrow
Painting the Pembrokeshire Coastline arrow
Natural Arrangements - How to Paint a Still Life in Pastels arrow
How to draw simle trees with acrylic paint arrow
Practice your Drawing Skills with Nitram Charcoal arrow
Learn Chinese Brush Painting Techniques arrow
Keep the Sparkle - Masking Techniques for Watercolour Painting arrow
How to Paint Autumn Leaves arrow
How to Draw an Iridescent Peacock Feather in Coloured Pencil arrow
Perspective made easy arrow
How to make your paintings more dramatic arrow

How to paint an Otter in Watercolour arrow

How to Paint Watercolour Towns and Cityscapes arrow

How to Succeed in Painting the Human Figure arrow
How to Draw A Tree Stump Using Coloured Pencils arrow
How to Draw A Barn Owl Using Pastel Pencilsarrow
Paint a Country Lane Fast and Loose in Watercolourarrow
How to Paint White on White - Paint Silver Birches in the Snowarrow
How to Paint Autumn Landscapes in Watercolour arrow
Drawing Fur with Coloured Pencils arrow
How to Paint Gardens in Gouache arrow
Techniques for Capturing the Essence of a Scene arrow
How to paint Wildlife arrow
Watercolour Through The Seasons arrow
Keep Painting despite difficulties arrow
Spring Lamb Painting Competition arrow
Watercolour Painting Demonstration arrow
Identifying your painting style arrow
Painting Winter Flowers in Watercolour arrow
Top tips for drawing animals arrow
Paint a botanically accurate pelargoniumarrow
Paint an Autumn Landscape in the Yorkshire Wolds arrow
Paint lifelike portraits of children in pastel arrow
Make the most of painting at National Trust properties arrow
Watercolour - dry brush technique arrow
How to paint a rustic door arrow
How to paint flowers using a stippler brusharrow
How to paint Spring Blossom arrowTry Silverpoint - The Age-Old Method of Fine Line Drawing arrow
A Japanese Watercolourist's view of painting holidays in the UK arrow
Getting the correct perspective
How to set up, photograph and paint a simple still life
How to paint Autumn colours
Brushes for watercolour artists
Features for portraits
How to paint  moving figures
How to paint vibrant watercolour landscapes - even on a dull day!
Using solid sticks of watercolour both to draw and paint
Drawing with Linda Birch
Texture techniques
A simple approach to watercolour
How to paint a simple tree in acrylics
How to paint ducks in watercolour
Winning with watercolour
How to paint boats - successfully!
A simple still life
How to paint foregrounds
How to paint a sunflower and other potted plants
How to draw and paint flowers
How to add people to street scenes
Painting texture with a brush
How to draw a cat
How to paint a wet-in-wet sky
How to choose and use watercolours for beginners
How to improve your paintings
Drawing Basic Forms
Autumn Walk
Capture the personality of your dog in coloured pencils
How to paint a portrait full of character
Wet and Dry Colour
Painting in oils with a palette knife
How to use mixed media
How to paint spring flowers
George on the allotment
How to paint trees in winter
From pastel to impasto
Winning with watercolour
How to paint from black & White photographs using acrylics
How to paint white ducks
How to paint Landscapes using acrylics
An Anemone Romance
Arresting landscapes
Edition thirty three
Edition thirty two
Edition thirty one
Edition thirty
Edition twenty nine
Edition twenty eight
Edition twenty seven
Edition twenty six
Edition twenty five
Edition twenty four
Edition twenty three
Edition twenty two
Edition twenty one


Knowhow is the award-winning end-to-end services brand supporting Currys PC World.

Knowhow strives to help customers get the best from their technology.

Finding the € symbol on your keyboard
What are megapixels and do they matter?
How to make a strong password
Top 4 things to remember when you're choosing a printer
Is smart tech safe?
What are the best first smartphones for kids?
What is multi-room audio?
What is 'augmented reality'?
What is a 'Smart' TV?
What are widgets?
The best tablets under £250
A guide to printer paper
Tips for safe shopping online with your tablet or smart phone
What temperature should your fridge and freezer be?
Understanding HDTV
A guide to digital radio
Kids' headphones - what protection do they offer for young ears?
What is a computer healthcheck and do I need one for my PC, laptop or tablet computer?
Pressure Cooker Tips
Photo composition tips
Creating an iTunes account on your computer
Air Conditioning Units - The Facts
Why isn't my DVD Player working with my TV?
What to look for when buying an MP3 player
What does data roaming mean on my mobile phone?
How to Detect Wireless Piggybacking
How to Roll Back to your Previous Operating System?
How To Copy a Video Onto a DVD Using a DVD Recorder
Computer Games: A Starter Guide
How to use Hair Straighteners and not damage your hair
Printer not working? How to diagnose the problem
What to look for when buying a Vacuum Cleaner
Choosing a password
Compact Cameras - Taking better pictures Part 2
Compact Cameras - Taking better pictures Part 1
What Electrical Heaters are there and how economical are they?
How to watch TV on your computer
My Sat Nav can't get a signal
What to look for when buying a camcorder
What to look for in a Tablet PC

Writer's Block

Jackie Sherman, a writer with over 20 years experience shares her advice for budding writers on a variety of topics


Joining A Gym Over 50

not as scary as you might think!

Features editor Sally Smith tells of her further experiences joining a gym.


Gardener's Diary

In Association with the Royal Horticultural Society

Gardening Jobs for this month from the experts at the RHS

Gardener's Diary

Enjoy a year of gardening inspiration with RHS membership!

Join the RHS today and you’ll enjoy free, year-round entry to more than 200 spectacular gardens*, including the four RHS Gardens where you can bring a family guest for free each time you visit. Plus, enjoy exclusive access to RHS Shows, a monthly copy of The Garden magazine (worth £54 per year), personalised gardening advice from RHS experts and much more.

All this is yours from just £44.25 when you pay by Direct Debit.

Join online or call 020 3176 5820 quoting 3938.

*Ts & Cs apply – please see above link for details.

Gardener's Diary

Probably 42

Each month through the Probably42 Pie and Pint meetings and through the Probably42 website we look at some important topic and publish and develop these ideas further. Each month, in this series of articles, we will highlight some of the considerations and outcomes from those activities.


TechnoFile will help you to understand some of the bewildering array of technology available today, and possibly help to keep up with your grandchildren!

Wearable Smart Tech
Automating Automotives
Solar Power
Home Security
Can technology ever replace people in the care industry?
Planning your Holiday - Online
Techno Phone not Technophobe
Bio-Printing: What it is and What does it mean?
7 of the Best Free Healthcare Related Apps

Why not also check out the Government's Guide to staying Cyber Streetwise

Look Fabulous Forever

A new series by Tricia Cusden, Founder and MD of make up brand Look Fabulous Forever, that gives guidance on beauty.

Choose The Right Make Up For Your Skin Tone
Giving Your Skin an Autumn MOT
How to Apply Makeup to Older Eyes
How to create beautiful holiday makeup
Makeup Tips for Special Events this Summer
Makeup impacts on older women greater than younger ones
Why do older women need makeup made just for them?

Travels With Alice

By Jeanne Davis

Look out each month for the latest story in our exciting new series Travels with Alice. Written by our resident writer Jeanne Davis in her usual thought provoking and entertaining style, we know you will enjoy her fascinating insights into human behaviour and great locations .


Passionate about nature, dedicated to saving it.

This article series will bring you top-class feature content, expert advice on how to find the UK's best wildlife and provide a home for nature in your garden, plus the latest news from the RSPB's conservation work.

British bitterns have a voice again
Less is more: making your home and garden nature-friendly this autumn
Monopoly: the bird board game
Free Birdsong Radio app from the RSPB celebrates glorious UK birdlife
Help our puffins: Join the Puffarazzi
Over 40 million birds have vanished from UK skies in just 50 years
Birdsong single set to soar into charts
The RSPB celebrates 130 years
Top tips to get your garden birds in tip top condition
Marvellous murmurations
Autumn Arrivals
RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch is 40!
Birds of a feather get hot in this weather
Garden survey reveals sightings of frog and toad are drying up
Blackbird nest gets A for effort at primary school
Fathers' Day
Snowy owl makes birdwatchers hoot with excitement
25 year environment plan offers prospect that we can restore nature in a generation
Spreading the warmth for garden birds this winter
Top ten Boxing Day walks on RSPB nature reserves
Report reveals continued persecution of birds of prey in UK
Twists and ‘terns’ for one of the UK’s smallest and rarest seabirds
Don’t over tidy your garden this autumn
Deer rutting season
Summer of surprises see exotic visitors in British countryside
RSPB members tackle Kent turtle dove decline
Where have all the birds gone?
Rare birds breed in Yorkshire for the first time
Mystery of birds’ movements at sea solved
RSPB members tackle Kent turtle dove decline
The RSPB invites you to the Great Get Together
The Wild Challenge June 2017

Swifts return to our skies

Looking out for wildlife in April: Greenfinches

RSPBVolunteering Journeys

Pack your bags and join us in volunteering abroad and travelling responsibly. We’re about to take you on a real journey!

This article series will bring you stories about volunteering journeys around the world.

A festive volunteering experience

Volunteering in India

Marking a milestone birthday by fulfilling a lifelong dream

Beyond the Headlines

By Jeanne Davis

Each month our resident writer and commentator Jeanne Davis goes behind recent news stories to comment on various ideas and subjects that have special resonance for our age group.

Written in her usual thought provoking and entertaining style, we know you will enjoy this addition every month

You're Never Too Old To Go Wild
It's Never Too Late To Learn
Seniors in Films
Being Older but Wiser Supported by Science
The Forgotten Mourners
Alcohol Dry January
More on how to be happy
Overrated and Underrated Family Activities
Good News For The 50+
The Meaning of Happiness Changes Over Your Lifetime
The Long-Distance Grandparent Journeys To South Africa
Why do they still call me a Spinster!
Limping Along With Technology
Choosing a Care Home
How To Stay Health: Take The Advice With A Grain Of Salt
Why Grandparents Were Vital To Rise Of Man
The Road To Calm: Nurture Yourself
Death Cafe's: At death cafes, people drink tea, eat cake and discuss death.
Dealing With Grief
Mothers and Sons: When adult sons come home to Mum
Confronting your mortality
Are you making stupid mistakes? Try Mindfulness!
Saying Goodbye to Wheat: Is avoiding wheat just another fad?
Gender Equality: Has Anything Changed?
Caregiving: Physically demanding and emotionally taxing
Be Happy: The 70s can be some of the happiest years of your life
Friends Are Good For You
Volunteering Is Good For Your Well Being
Alternative Treatments For Dementia
The Empty Nest and Beyond
Living Alone, But Not Lonely
Siblings: Do They Shape Our Personalities?
Aging at Home: For A Lucky Few, A Wish Come True; The Village Concept In The UK?
Behind The Curtains Of The NHS
Tangles: A Story About Alzeimer;s, My Mother And Me
Anxiety's Upside; What Are The Facts Behind The Popular Exhortations To Long Life?
People Who Volunteer Live Longer, Study Suggests
Amortality: The pleasures and perils of living agelessly; Not the retiring kind: more older women than ever are becoming entrepreneurs

Discover Your History is an exciting new-look national magazine that takes a broad look at our past – including aspects of family and social history as well as Britain’s local and national history and heritage

Life as an Evacuee
Beneath The Big Top
A Country Man's Eye
When Daddy Long-Legs Ruled the Waves
A Disaster at Quintinshill
Breach of Promise of Marriage
The Last London Frost Fair
St Dunstan's Guiding Lights
Box-watching for Beginners

General Interest Articles

Interesting Articles on topics many and various

The index to general interest articles, articles are listed newest to oldest


Light up your December with the flickering brilliance of candles, safely!
Seeing the lights is fast becoming a Christmas Tradition
War declared on invasive species
Lunch clubs offer more than just food
The times they are a-changing!
British Bitterns have a voice again
Basic Steps Against Winter Burglaries
Do you understand the top joke at this year’s Fringe festival?
National holidays you can Trust
That perfect summer cocktail
The Angel Canal Festival confirmed for 1st September
Listen free to uplifting joyous birdsong
Lightning is definitely scary
The lovely scene of flags flying above British churches
Driving in France can still be a pleasure
Charity shops are the new face of a successful high street
No one wants fleas in the home
Farewell to train tickets
April is famous for its spaghetti harvest
The real soap opera
Early warm sunshine has caused havoc with wildlife
What motto would you put on your Coat of Arms?
New radio telescope picks up unexplained space signals
You don’t need to own a pet to enjoy your love of animals


The wonderful tradition of the Queen’s Christmas Speech
Your pets may not be as hardy as you think!
Go the distance!
Even sturdy grandkids need a car seat
Pass the Madeira my dear!
The latest travel information free from our government
Killing our birds
Adult worker wasps may be searching for your sugar
Living your life without plastic
In the dark
Face the realities of Facebook
Compression socks need to fit properly to do any good
Curled up crustaceans are common in British homes and gardens
Gin is the new favourite tonic
Extra safety on the roads
100 years on from the Titanic, how safe is modern cruising?
Come rain or shine!
Add some colourful fun to Easter breakfast
Take a cruise if you dare!
The British passport still has clout!
Losing or gaining a day in your life!
World wildlife day - helping to save the big cats
Church bells will keep ringing across the country
Your consumer rights when buying online
What can be done to help our lovely barn owls?
No time limit on claiming your premium bonds win
The UK’s dramatic fire festival no one knows about!
Celebrate – it’s a brand new year!


Hard water can fur up your pipes
When you want to avoid alcohol
Look out for butterflies that need your help this winter
Trafalgar Square gets spruced up for Christmas
What is American Thanksgiving all about?
How to lay the table when a TV supper just won’t do!
Charity Christmas cards get better and better
What can you send in the mail?
100 year old goes up, up and away!
Too many of us still don’t understand the internet
The Buzz Project
You don’t have to go to America to see fabulous autumn leaves
Power from the sun
Hurricanes are a part of the Caribbean summer
Eggs are eggs...or maybe not!
No signal, miles of tailback, driving today needs a new mind-set
Spiders found in Britain shouldn’t cause panic!
Our wet British Summers
National Trust say grandparents can help children be more adventurous
Funding available to help start your own community shed
What we hate about passengers on flights
Those foreign drinks!
Is it time to moss up your house?
Walking maps
A stitch-up in August
Wimbledon: Possibly the most famous British suburb in the world
Making Special Places for Nature: 400 hectares of important canal habitat improved
Pearls: A by-product of self-preservation
Don't let mobility problems stop you travelling

Tiny birds may not be abandoned
Are you up to speed with the new motoring laws
What can we do about dementia?

Loneliness widespread amongst men
Affordable second homes in the sun

Age of discrimination
Spring into creativity
Major retirement survey undertaken by LaterLife Part 1
Crowded roads
New trip boat and Hetty's Café at Froghall Basin, Staffordshire
Our seabirds still need help
A night with nature's concert
Entertainment on the roads
Goodbye to marmalade on the breakfast table
Move to South Korea for a longer life
Can you help with the great daffodil appeal?
Chimney fires are not a thing of the past
Ban on numbers visiting the world's top sites
Results coming in from the big garden birdwatch
Modern clothes really can keep you warm
Our age group is the caring generation
Fly the world non-stop
Spot the stars this winter


Track Santa and have the right answers for grandchildren
Colours are a grey area!
We still love our Christmas cards
Embrace the British Garden Birds
Jigsaws are for all ages
Key to the new notes!
Have the will to make a Will!
Time to rethink Remembrance Day
Now is the time to check your home against carbon monoxide poisoning
Adventure before dementia
Longest serving monarchies
Older people are generous with their time
Everyone invited to celebrate the 200th anniversay of Britain's longest canal
80 year old plays for Manchester City!
Learn more about our wonderful canal history
Community orchards are for everyone
Look out for the migrating birds
Time to convert to satnav
Languages around the world
Green woodpeckers
Never too late to love horses
Heights around the world
The Beautiful city of Prague
Sauce for the seaside!
Canal & River Trust Team helps track down stolen boat
The sweet summer scent of camomile lawns
Become an exam invigilator
It's not too late to take up tennis!
Latest news from the airlines
Best British Cruise lines for the Over 60s
Pay tribute to the victims of the Somme
Great British Garden Bucket List
Let's all get back to nature
A nice glass of white wine
Caravanning...the way to go
Packing for your Holidays
A Royal Quiz
The Harz Mountains
Driving tips for older drivers
Goodbye Ronnie Corbett
Laterlife's Dave Sinclair proves seniors can do the Grizzly!
Support WARP For A Stress Free Retirment
Guide Dogs Charity: Meet Sue Taylor
Learn a new language

New study by Guide Dogs charity & Cardiff University
2016 a year to celebrate
Keep your home ship shape
Share a sherry
There is still time to join the Big Garden Watch!


Catching You Up On Skype
RNIB: Find The Perfect Christmas Gifts For Your Loved Ones
What modern grandparents should know
Know your energy rights for winter with this free guide
A Quick Trip To Cyrpus
Spooky British Castles
Induction on Inductions!
Music is a gift!
1950s and 60s Childhoods... Those were the days!
Now is the time to get your act together!
Long To Reign Over Us
Any idea how much your Babysitting is worth?
Our age group is the most adventurous
Time for a Picnic!
Guide to summer budget 2015
Are you up to speed with modern driving?
Men and their Sheds!
Politics is too serious to be left to Politicians!
Second Marigold Hotel
Gardens aren't always safe for pets
Armed Forces Day
Over the limit
Three golden tips for travelling in an information age
Challenge Regional Winner Christine Ainley
Flower Shows
Laughter is the best medicine... and it is free!
Get talking!
Holding hands across the ocean in a digital world
4 quick secrets of a successful spring clean
Curiosity and age: A new research study
A Mother of a Grandparent
Challenge Regional Winner Ruth Baker
Celebrating the 70th Anniversary of VE day on the 8th May
Top hit on your birthday
The Euro In Europe
Challenge Regional Winner Pete Robertson
Lots of ways to help our furry friends
Challenge Regional Winner Chris Tormey
Six top tips for keeping your memories safe when you're travelling
Challenge Winner Annie Makepeace
Theft by deception alert
75 Strange things about Australia
Jelf: Inheritance Tax Numbers
Be careful about your online ID
The Tree of Life
Jelf: Clever Retirement Strategies
U3A Comes of Age
Etiquette for modern cruising
Why play the waiting game with your trip of a lifetime?


Keeping up!
What's On: Join Dryathlon and give up alcohol for January!
How does an independant outdoor holiday company make sure that it's guests have a great time?
Employer Assistance at Retirement SUrvey results
Latest LaterLife Challenge Shortlist Announcement
Dates for the Diary December 2014
Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles Can Make Life So Much Easier
Accessibility: levelling the playing field for senior tourists
More and more over 50s are becoming SKIers!
Keep warm this Winter
Best Countires To Grow Old In
Retirement Really Can Be The Happiest Time Of Our Lives!
Dates for the Diary November 2014
Missing million: Illuminating the employment challenges of the over 50s
Three quarters of Britons risking online safety
High flu vaccine dose better for over 65s
Her Majesty The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh visit the Tower of London
Now is the time to sign up for Christmas
Want to see fabulous autumn colours?
Sign Up Now For The March Against Cancer
Grandparents Day
The time of our lives!
Dates for the Diary: October
Start Running Despite You Age!
The best place to retire in the world: the Algarve.
Retired Husband Syndrome
All too easy to be taken in by the new scam calls
Your Responses To The Scottish Referendum
Top Pie Tips
Dates for the Diary: September
There's No Place Like Home
Tax-Free Retirement In The Heart Of Europe
Going through the hoops this summer!
Glow worms - Summer's Shining Light!
Dates for the Diary August 2014
How to become a Granpreneur
Join in to help British Butterflies
Get a New Leash of Life with a Dog!
Cyber Streetwise
You're Never Too Old To Learn
Dates for the Diary July 2014
Monarch Butterflies Can Fly Thousands Of Miles Without A Compass
Do you really know what SPF Factors mean?
D-Day Revistited
Dates for the Diary June
A New name but Still Worth listening To!
Cilla Still Winning Awards
Why you might see red this Autumn
Pet ideas for everyone
Explaining Stroke to your Grandchildren Blenheim Palace Flower Show arrow
Dates For The Diary May 2014 arrow
Flowers you can eat arrow
Decorated Eggs for Easter arrow
Bit Of A Blow For Your Holiday arrow
Dates For The Diary April 2014 arrow
Keep feeding the birds arrow
This is the week to get your eyes checked arrow
Blinding Light arrow

What's on in February? arrow

Advice is flooding in! arrow

Dry January National Campaign arrow

Robert Burns Night arrow

Don't Forget the Birds arrow


Christmas Carols arrow
Choosing a Christmas Tree arrow

December Festivities arrow
Special Days in November arrow
British Legion Armistice Day arrow
The Rise of Glamorous Grandmothers arrow
Special Days in October arrow
Goodbye British Summertime arrow
Daddy-Longlegs Chemical Ban arrow
Special Days in September arrow
Lost Passports arrow
Special Days in August arrow
A partner in the stars arrow
Special Days in July arrow
Eternity Rings arrow
Owl... ing success arrow
Special Days in June arrow
Exploring the Later Life Crisis arrow
Free Food in the hedgerows arrow
Special Days in May arrow
Church walks in spring & summer arrow
Look out for Harlequin Ladybirds arrow
Special Days in April arrow
Animals are good for your health arrow
Special Days in March arrow
Relocating When You Are Over 50 arrow
Special Days in February arrow
Courses with the Field Studies Council arrow
Special Days in January arrow


December is the time to celebrate! arrow
Mouse in The House! arrow
Events in November arrow
Simplicity Computing arrow
Down memory Lane arrow
Weather Forecasting arrow
Older People's Day 2012 arrow
Ants in your kitchen arrow
Thatching for warm, dry roofs arrow
The beauty of seashells arrow
Sands of time  arrow
The 2012 Paralympics  arrow
ider, new sophistication to a traditional drink arrow
Making an event of summer 2012 arrow
Less waste in the bathroom arrow
Laterlife one armed bandit arrow
Cleaning up the soap marketarrow
By George, it is a special dayarrow
Binoculars - seeing the light arrow
Mad as a March hare arrow
Driving on the continent arrow
Chocolate - rare good taste arrow


Winter walking
Wood for your wood burning stove
New Year, Auld Lang Syne and other celebrations from around the world
Hot toddies for winter
A dab hand at DAB radio
Spiders in the house
Getting stuck in
Three balls to money
It's just a question of time
Foie Gras - great taste but bad practice?
Make the most of being fenced in
Cotton on to this fabulous fabric!
Chimeneas - chilling out in warmth!
Flies all about
Flushed with success
Whatever happened to Janet and John?
The sound of music
Marie Curie
Too bright to drive - the new HID headlights
Seaside piers - a British institution
All change with the Highway Code
Be cool in the kitchen with a modern ice cream maker
Let's party!
Eggs-citement at Easter
Hearing dogs
Shedding light on windows
English Heritage
Put a spring in your step
Common scents for your home!
The colour in your life
Pillow fight
Are you feeling sparky about electric cars?
Snug as a bug in a rug
Whisky - that warming tipple
Are home turbines a wind up?


Underfloor heating
A real pickle
Dreaming of a white Christmas
Hindsight or a new perspective?
Are you ready for the next moves in TV?
Snug up in wool for winter
Fired up for winter
Fortified wines
Britain at war
Steam ovens
A windfall from lost and hidden money
Why do we need to save paper?
Chelsea Pensioners and fund raising
Those grand old British food names
Keeping in trim for summer - tips for a perfectly cut lawn
Morris Dancing
Maureen takes her prize
Heavy metal in the kitchen
The Landmark Trust
Woodlice are everywhere
The beautiful Houses of Parliament
Green burials
Secrets of a successful spring clean
All about pasta
On your bike!
All that glistens
Getting the bird
Blinding light
On your bus - for free!
Keep those eyebrows in good shape
Surge in SWOFties living the single life
A load of..Manure
Cleaning up the wash
EAC Art Awards


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