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laterlife interest index, provides a guide to previous features published in the laterlife interest section of 

laterlife interest - special features, regular columns, opinions and ideas on anything and everything to do with being 50 plus.    

Individual Articles for 2008/2009


Older individual articles have been archived for your convenience and can be found here..


Grandparents do make a difference

Jeanne Davis




This month we are delighted to welcome back Jeanne Davis, who used to be a regular contributer to Laterlife in years gone by.
Jeanne will now be writing a regular column for us on some of the key issues associated with being a grandparent.




  Previous editions


 Health & Beauty


General interest

Book reviews

Jobs and working


Planning & Managing







Celebrating & Entertaining


Making Online Learning Interactive: 75 Activities, Tips, and Resources

Virtual Open Week

This Virtual Open Week is a great opportunity for potential learners to get a taste for online learning, and find out how much fun it can be

Motley Fool's Money After 40, The: Building Wealth for a Better Life

Financial planning for women

Up to 4.5 million working women do not save enough for retirement; and the same number again are not saving at all. By Simonne Gnessen, financial planner..



laterlife interest extras

Articles of interest from other organisations.

Divorce for the over-50s

Annuities and Open Market Options


The Holiday Property Bond

The Holiday Property Bond - an investment with pleasure as a dividend!

Amazon Book: Sudoku for Dummies

Each month in our  series of Dummies Articles, we highlight a particular Dummies book which is relevant to over 50s readers including extracts and tips from the books themselves.

Dummies Articles in this series

Transform your home with a little imagination

The future of Cancer Relief

from Macmillan Cancer Relief.


The cost of a careless moment

Avoiding a winter car breakdown nightmare

Catalogues: The Stamp Collector's Bible

The second in our new series by the world’s leading stamp company, Stanley Gibbons


Regular Features for 2008/2009




Previous regular features have been archived for your convenience and can be found here.. 




Natural remedy of the month - Soya

 soya beans

Soya is a species of legume native to East Asia. It is an annual plant classed as an oilseed rather than a pulse and has been known as a food and health benefit for around 5,000 years. 


Previous Natural remedies:






St John's Wort
Rose hip


Out of the box


The twelfth in our new series challenging you to try something completely different in later life!

This month: Skipping

Previous editions:-

Cloud watching   

Pressing flowers

Ice Skating

Table Tennis


Learn Latin

Youth Hostelling
Keeping chickens


Each month presents a feature from either The Artist or its sister publication, Leisure Painter.   

This month:   How to use mixed media

downham doorway

Experiment with combining different media to bring out a variety of effects and textures in the same subject.


Previous editions:

How to use mixed media
Step-by-step pastel landscape
Galeria Acrylic Colours

How to paint spring flowers

George on the allotment

How to paint trees in winter

From pastel to impasto

Winning with watercolour

How to paint from black & White photographs using acrylics.

How to paint white ducks

How to paint Landscapes using acrylics

An Anemone Romance

Arresting landscapes

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Press release overviews - 2

Railway book

Here in the editorial content offices of Laterlife, every week we receive a lot of press releases on a wide variety of subjects and products.
As a new idea, each month we will now include a snapshot of some of the more interesting releases.

Press release overviews - 1

Press release overviews - 2



My selection - Offers and deals for Laterlife readers

best of Britain

we sometimes receive some interesting information and some good offers. So from now on, each month we will include a small section highlighting the best, or a few of the best.

Previous editions

1. February 2009





Lack of energy + Exercise aches and pains

Suppliers of complementary medicine, Nutricentre are providing laterlife visitors with the opportunity to ask questions on health issues.

Previous editions

Circulation and Diminished Sleep

Edition 23

Edition 22

Edition 21

Edition 20

Edition 19

Edition 18

Edition 17

Edition 16

Edition 15

Edition 14

Edition 13

Edition 12

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Get going with your family history

If you have just started researching your family tree, Ancestors editor Simon Fowler has some sound advice












































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