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Mature Single Travelling                                       January 2010


Tour Manager with guestsAccording to market research from Mintel, almost 2 in 5 adults in Britain are single – that’s 19 million people in the UK. Yet you would never believe it when you look at the way that holidays are sold in the mainstream travel market.

Single travellers have not been well catered for in the past and usually resort to travelling with companies that deal mainly with families and couples and ending up paying single supplements. And it’s easy to feel left out if you are on your own.

There are lots of different reasons why people choose to travel by themselves. They might be widowed, divorced, unattached or just want a break from their spouse. The big advantage of travelling by yourself is that you can do what you want to do, but it’s taking that first step and actually booking the holiday that seems to be the toughest part.

Horse & cart in KarlsteinIan Darkin of One Traveller, which organises holidays for mature single travellers, says: “It is a barrier that is really all in the mind. Some people like to call and talk things through and when they are satisfied that they will be well looked after they book a holiday. You never know what fun a holiday can be for a mature single traveller until you take the plunge”.

You may be happy to book a holiday and spend quite a bit of time on your own but many people prefer to have others around them to chat to and share experiences with. If you choose a company specialising in holidays for mature single travellers then you will have companions who feel exactly the same way and of course no single supplement. Ian says: “On our holidays, everyone makes the effort early on to get to know one another. It is also comforting to know that you will be met at the airport before you check-in by your Tour Manager who stays with you throughout the holiday. The Tour Manager is multilingual, well travelled and specially selected so they have the qualities needed to help out all members of the tour no matter what type of requests they have”.

Dinner in KrakowPeople generally do not want to go on holiday to be on their own, after all a holiday is about sharing experiences and having fun. When booking a holiday look for a company that includes excursions in the price of the holiday as well as organising each day so that you get to see as much as possible.

If you are planning a first time trip alone why not try a five day European city break as it is not too long to start with. A city break means there is plenty to do rather than just lie on a beach all day and you won’t be wandering around by yourself feeling lost. Travelling with a group means there are plenty of people around you and increases your chances of finding people that you get on with, plus it means that you do not have to eat alone, something that many people dread.

The only way you are going to find out what fun it can be is to take the plunge and book yourself on a holiday! Right now One Traveller holidays have an exclusive offer for Laterlife readers: 5% discount on all optional tours booked during their holiday (providing they book all the tours).

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