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Natural Solutions
                           February 2007



Nutri Centre’s Q & A section 

Suppliers of complementary medicine, Nutri Centre (now offering their range of products in a number of larger Tesco stores), are providing laterlife visitors with the opportunity to ask questions on health issues.  

The Q & As are produced by Jo Rawlinson in conjunction with the Nutri Centre. Jo is a trained complementary health practitioner who regularly works with and writes on behalf of the Nutri Centre.




Under-Active Thyroid

Q:  I have steadily put on a lot of weight over the past year and have now been diagnosed as having an under-active thyroid. I have a desk-bound, sedentary job, but do try to exercise three times a week. What else could I be doing?
I am 52 years old and do not suffer any other health conditions.


A:  Hypothyroidism is the medical term for this common problem, often undetected, and usually increasing with advancing age. One obvious symptom is weight gain. This is because the metabolic rate drops, so fewer calories are burned. If you try to diet, however, a further metabolic decline results, so you find you are in a catch 22 situation. The answer to this lies in exercise, to keep the metabolism up. Do keep to your regular exercise routine.

Another symptom is loss of libido, and is associated with an increase in cholesterol levels which, if neglected, could lead to cardiovascular disease, especially arteriosclerosis. Women may experience changes to the menstrual cycle, including heavier and longer periods with a shortened cycle in between.

A key amino acid involved in the manufacture of the thyroid hormones is tyrosine – a nutrient used to help cocaine addicts kick the habit by helping them avoid the worst of withdrawal symptoms such as tiredness, irritability and depression. Natural supplement Thyroid Support Formula by Higher Nature, will provide tyrosine, iodine to make thyroid hormones essential for heat, energy and many physical and mental functions, as well as 11 vitamins and minerals involved in making thyroid hormones efficiently.
Take 2-3 capsules daily before food.

Candida cure

I have been cursed with Candida for some years. I’m careful with my diet, avoiding sugar, yeast and mushrooms, but still suffer some symptoms.
Can you help?

A:  Candida often results from poor immunity – itself often caused by too much stress. The dietary restrictions you mention, although tough, are often very helpful, and should also include restricting or eliminating if possible chocolate, bread, yeast, fruit, cheese and alcohol. Fish, organic lean meat and vegetables are key to maintaining a good acid/alkaline balance. Include whole grains and live natural yoghurt in your diet.

It’s a good idea to take a daily acidophilus supplement. And Candigest Plus is another very useful supplement, formulated with candida-eliminating enzymes.


Thyroid Support formula with tyrosine, by Higher Nature, ?12.60 for 60 caps.

Bio Acidophilus by Biocare, ?17.95 for 60 capsules

*Candigest Plus by Winning Team ?15 for 30 capsules
(*If bowel disease or gastritis are present, consult Nutri Centre advice line)


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If you would like to ask a question, please send an email to

The information above is provided by the Nutri Centre. Laterlife cannot endorse any information presented and recommends that you consult your doctor if in doubt about any medication or health-related matter.

* Please note questions cannot be answered personally but will be selected for inclusion in future editions of 'Natural Solutions'


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