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May 2008   


Nutri Centre’s Q & A section     


Suppliers of complementary medicine, Nutri Centre (now offering their range of products in a number of larger Tesco stores), are providing laterlife visitors with the opportunity to ask questions on health issues.  

The Q & As are produced by Senior Nutritionist Alex Shalet BSc (Hons) in conjunction with the Nutri Centre.


Q. I have been finding it increasingly difficult to motivate myself to accomplish even the simplest of daily tasks - including getting out of bed in the mornings.  I still run my own business which recently had some difficult staffing problems but I’m generally an active person. Are there any natural remedies you can recommend to help inject a bit of energy back into my life so I can tackle my issues at work more effectively?  

A. It is widely recognised that fatigue often occurs when stressed, worried or tense. When the body is put under these pressures the adrenal glands produce hormones (or stress-managing chemicals). In the correct amounts these chemicals will aid your body and enable it to remain in good health. However, when you are under stress the adrenal glands become over-worked so instead of protecting you from stress, they produce too many chemicals leaving you exhausted, mentally drained and irritable.

There are a variety of ways to help you reclaim your energy.  Firstly ensure you get adequate and regular rest, this is essential to help your body recover from adrenal fatigue. Eat a healthy, well-balanced diet and drink plenty of water throughout the day. Exercise regularly and take recommended supplements.


I would suggest paying a visit to your GP to rule out an iron deficiency – something often associated with tiredness and lack of energy. If you do find you need an iron boost Floradix tablets are an excellent option.

If low iron levels are not the problem, the pressures of work could be the cause. Coenzyme-A (CoA) is crucial for many of the body’s functions including triggering the energy cycle. It is a powerful ally in immune support and for combating fatigue, depression, irritability and as an added bonus it also slows down the aging process. CoA is naturally produced by the body but to ensure efficiency it often needs restocking - a good source of replenishment comes in the form of Coenzyme-A supplements.

Another excellent product is the powerful herb Rhodiola rosea. Grown in Europe and Asia, this root possesses antioxidant properties which studies suggest help protect the nervous system from free radicals or ‘stress’ damage. This product can help to relieve stress, ease some nervous conditions, calm and relaxed you, as well as helping to improve concentration and combat fatigue by increasing energy levels.

You might also like to try taking Drive! This will provide you with energy throughout the day by supplying amino acid tyrosine, along with co-factors to make dopamine and noradenalin – the neurotransmitters associated with happiness and motivation. This supplement should put the spring back in your step in no time.

For a convenient extra energy boost why not try Nature’s Plus Fruitein Revitalizing Green Foods shake which is an all natural tropical fruit tasting energy shake which is packed with nutrients from over 50 fruits, vegetables and green foods such as Spirulina, Chlorella and Pacific kelp.  These can be mixed with water or milk as a satisfying protein and nutritionally rich drink.


Floradix by Salus Haus costs £7.77 for 84 tablets 

Co enzyme-A 1000mg by Xynergy costs £35.95 for 45 capsules

Maximum Potency Rhodiola Rosea Root Extract by Viridian Nutrition priced £9.95 for 30 veg capsules

Drive! by High Nature priced at £17.50 for 90 capsules

Fruitein Revitalizing Green Foods shake by Natures Plus costs £19.65 for 1.4lb powder

Q. I have started exercising regularly following my doctor’s instructions but I have found myself suffering from niggling aches and pains. Is there anything I can take to ease my discomfort while my body readjusts to my new lifestyle?

Exercising after long periods of inactivity can sometimes damage soft muscle tissue resulting in localised areas of inflammation - the classic signs of which are aches and pains, redness and sometime swelling. Therefore, as a starting point I would recommend a good anti inflammatory like Msm plus Glucosamine Sulphate. This should be used as your core remedy adding additional supplements and creams if and when required.  

Msm is a form of organic sulphur and it is no accident that thermal baths high in sulphur have been used for centuries to sooth aches and pains. Msm contains a combination of ingredients proven to support muscle tissue health and repair damaged joints. It is renowned for its restorative pain relieving properties. It is also excellent for keeping lungs and breathing passages clear - essential for exercising as well as for maintaining healthy hair, skin and nails.  In conjunction with the oral supplements, I would also suggest using Msm Joint and Muscle Balm which can be gently massaging onto the affected areas. This warming blend of ingredients is designed to help ease tired, stiff muscles and joints especially after exercise.

If the aches and pains are proving hard to shift, you could also try Celadrin, another very effective anti-inflammatory, believed to lubricate the cell membranes in the body, replacing fluids that help cushion bones and joints and aid overall flexibility and mobility.


Msm 500mg plus Glucosamine Sulphate 500mg by Natures Aid costs £12.99 for 90 tablets

Msm Joint and Muscle Balm by High Nature costs £8.40 for 100ml cream

Celadrin 525mg by Solgar costs £19.95 for 60 softgels

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If you would like to ask a question, please send an email to

The information above is provided by the Nutri Centre. Laterlife cannot endorse any information presented and recommends that you consult your doctor if in doubt about any medication or health-related matter.

* Please note questions cannot be answered personally but will be selected for inclusion in future editions of 'Natural Solutions'

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