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Natural Solutions
                           October 2006



Nutri Centre’s Q & A section 

Suppliers of complementary medicine, Nutri Centre (now offering their range of products in a number of larger Tesco stores), are providing laterlife visitors with the opportunity to ask questions on health issues.  

The Q & As are produced by Jo Rawlinson in conjunction with the Nutri Centre. Jo is a trained complementary health practitioner who regularly works with and writes on behalf of the Nutri Centre.



Q: I am 50 this year and in good health except for menopausal symptoms including mood swings, backache, night sweats and low libido. I have taken kava kava and ginseng from time to time. I really do not want to go down the conventional HRT route. But I am desperate for something natural that works...

A: As the hoopla of controversy surrounding the long-term use of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) refuses to go away, for many women the natural route provides a very viable alternative.

There is a fabulous product called MenoPlus, which is designed to help relieve all of the symptoms you complain of. Formulated by Dr Marilyn Glenville PhD, it’s a special multivitamin and mineral combination, including calcium for bone support and digestive enzymes, which become reduced during the menopause. For maximum benefit, MenoPlus should be taken with Black Cohosh Plus.

Q:  In the last two or three years my weight has been steadily increasing. I have gained around 3 stone, most of it around my middle and it is proving very stubborn to shift. I‘m not eating more than usual (I don’t believe I overeat); I exercise regularly regularly (dog walking) but I have been suffering from a lot of stress. Could stress and age be related to my weight gain? I’m 45.

A: Your suspicions are right, on both counts. It’s sad, but true, that as we age we all tend to gain weight around the middle. The action of the stress hormone, cortisol, also has a part to play. When we are under stress, .the body goes into ‘fight or flight’ mode, releasing adrenaline and cortisol. But if we don’t take physical action at this point, the extra energy released (in the form of fat and glucose) has nowhere to go. So it’s simply re-deposited – as fat.

You may need to keep blood sugar levels stabilized. Eating little and often – smaller meals every 2-3 hours – will decrease the cortisone, cholesterol and insulin levels in your body, which ultimately decrease the fat storage in your body. Try to keep to a low-fat diet including plenty of wholegrains, fruits and vegetables, while avoiding sugar, salt, white flour, white rice, artificial flavourings and colouring, food preservatives, soda and partially hydrogenated oils (e.g. margarine, vegetable shortening and salad oils. Olive oil is fine). Hydrogenated oils have a negative effect on our body’s cardiovascular, reproductive, metabolic, and hormonal systems

A very good formula for you could be Sugar Balance, designed to keep blood sugar levels normal. With key vitamins and minerals, Sugar Balance also comprises of a mix of herbal extracts and nutraceuticals to enhance the uptake, transport and metabolism of glucose in the body. Sugar Balance also provides a good antioxidant boost to the body.


MENOPLUS by Natural Health Practise, ?29.97 for 60 capsules
BLACK COHOSH PLUS by Natural Health Practise, ?14.97 for 60 veg. capsules.
Sugar Balance Formula by Allergy Research Group, ?39.95 for 90 capsules

Nutricentre Discount for laterlife visitors All products are available from The Nutri Centre. Order by calling 0800 587 2290 or shop online at www.Nutri . For more information, speak directly with a nutritionist on 020 7 436 5122



If you would like to ask a question, please send an email to

The information above is provided by the Nutri Centre. Laterlife cannot endorse any information presented and recommends that you consult your doctor if in doubt about any medication or health-related matter.

* Please note questions cannot be answered personally but will be selected for inclusion in future editions of 'Natural Solutions'


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