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Why you might need a phone amplifier

March 2012

L289 Clarity amplifierWhy you might need a phone amplifier.

by Action on Hearing Loss, the new name for RNID

If you are beginning to notice that you are having difficulty in hearing, including on the telephone, then it is a good indicator that you might benefit from a phone amplifier.

If you like your existing phone but it doesn’t seem to be loud enough – a phone amplifier is a good choice to ensure that you can continue having phone conversations with your family and friends. In order to connect your phone amplifier, your phone needs to have a detachable, curly lead so that it can be connected between its base and handset.

When out of the house, you may need to use a friend’s corded telephone if you need to make a phone call. It might be worth considering a strap-on telephone amplifier, as this is portable. It simply straps onto the hearing piece of the handset of the corded telephone. This type of amplifier, however, is not suitable for cordless phones and needs to be taken off after each call.

In addition to a volume control, some amplifiers have a tone control, allowing you to Phoneplus telephone amplifierchange the tone of the caller’s voice to suit your particular hearing loss needs and improve the sound quality. It is especially useful if you have a high tone frequency loss.

Other phone amplifiers come with a neckloop socket for a neckloop to be plugged in, which some users might prefer especially if you wear two hearing aids. Most phone amplifiers are battery-operated, but you can also purchase commercial phone amplifiers which have mains adaptors.

Phone amplifiers are not the only solution to hearing loss. There is a wide choice of corded and cordless telephone with volume and tone controls. If you need more help or advice please contact us at Action On Hearing Loss (the new name for the RNID). Our customer services team will gladly talk to you about your individual needs.

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