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Age Concern Launch 'LifeBook'

Launched April 28 2008


• Age Concern reveals that homes across the UK are in disarray with the majority of Brits having no idea where they keep important documents
• Age Concern launches LifeBook, a free booklet that can help people manage their affairs
• The average person spends almost an hour and a half a month searching for key documents
• Over half (51%) of us have to hunt around for important or misplaced paperwork anywhere between once a week and once a month

Age Concern today reveals our relaxed attitudes to storing and remembering where important documents are kept. Two thirds of Brits admit to leaving essential documents in unlocked places around the home such as kitchen drawers or in unlocked cupboards. The research also shows that a massive 97% have to hunt around for misplaced and important certificates including vital papers such as passports (38%), driving licences (18%) and insurance policy details (11%), in fact 42% have no idea where they keep their birth certificates.

In order to help people collate all their information about their life in one place, Age Concern Enterprises is launching the Age Concern LifeBook on April 28th 2008. LifeBook is a practical service which is free of charge to everyone and is designed to allow people to manage their affairs and pull together practical personal and financial information. LifeBook is available as a booklet or an interactive website.

It is an easy-to-use method of recording the important details of your life and it can also be used as a way of managing different practical affairs. For example, friend’s birthdays or renewal dates on different insurances, as well as keeping a record of utility suppliers and store cards - there is even a section to record your final wishes. The Age Concern LifeBook will also enable loved ones to help look after their affairs should the need arise.

Sharon Dobson from Age Concern says, “Our research and years of experience working with older people shows that as we age we appreciate the importance of planning and getting our affairs in order. That is why LifeBook has been created. The Age Concern LifeBook provides an easy way to address the difficult task of putting our affairs in order and gives the confidence that the burden of managing our affairs will be made so much easier for our loved ones when it becomes necessary.”

LifeBook is available to everyone regardless of age. Call 0845 685 1061; log on to or visit your local Age Concern and request a leaflet.


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